An Opportunity to Share their Conditions

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Our medical  health camps receive women in large numbers. These women come from the remote villages and isolated communities of the rural terrain. For many of them this is huge opportunity to be given an ear about their health status.

Living in self contained habitats that may not be having amenities that offer advice to women with regard to their health conditions, even the very thought of speaking about their ailments to a proper doctor is a huge relief for them.

The specialist doctors respond with alacrity and care to the woes of these women, and truly for a lot many it may be the first time that they get talking about their physical conditions. The physiotherapy doctors get really busy documenting the aches and pains.

The inferences we draw in the wake of these camps with regard to women’s woes is that many of them are suffering from very many psychosomatic conditions. Living under constant stress and trauma they are not able to decipher that the causes of the aches and pains are related to their mental condition.

The struggle for existence remains a source of worry and daily wagers have to battle it out daily for their employment and sustenance needs. Add to this worries about long term needs – regular employment, housing, education, financial safety nets and so on.

HERD Foundation provides on-going medical camps for health assistance. Looking into the near future we are also working towards developing villages for self determined socio-economic planning through Village Development Coordinators to advance our rural work.


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