Nagardhan Fort 300-40 BC




Nagardhan village in Ramtek Taluka of Nagpur District in Vidarbha area of Maharashtra State in India is located 50 kms towards East of Nagpur city. The village is surrounded by Parseoni Taluka, Kamptee Taluka, Mouda Taluka and Nagpur Taluka. It is about 10 kms from Ramtek. In the present climatic conditions with intermittent heavy downpours and steady light showers, the entire region is green, wet and soothing to the eye.

Earlier called Nandiwardhan, this was the capital of Vakataka kingdom over 500 years back, that was later annexed by Raje Raghuji Bhonsle, the Maratha king from Nagpur. It was he who restored the ancient beautiful fort of Nagardhan. The walls of the fort are still holding up and the gate is a piece of beauty. The palace inside the fort is razed to the ground but you can visualize the interiors and grandeur by the scale of the layout. The palace and fort must have been awe inspiring.

The fort is said to have been built between 300 and 40 BC by the Gond kings. The Bhonsla kings continued to renovate it on a regular basis till about 300 years back. The Vakataka-era fort is now a relic of the past in a derelict condition under protection of Maharashtra Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1960. The exteriors of the historic structure are covered with shrubs and bushes that threaten the structure.

Nagardhan Fort is believed to be the ancient capital of Vidarbha region. The square-shaped palace having eight towers for installing canons also has an ancient underground well inside the fort housing an old temple of goddess Tulja Bhawani. Part of the Fort that was reconstructed by Raghuji Bhonsale in 1710 included the square shape ground within with an outer rampart of bastions and an inner wall surrounding the buildings.


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