Dulara – Small is Beautiful

Kids Happily Holding Up Health Cards

Dulara ke Dulare

Nestling in the jungles of Pench forest is the small village of Dulara – almost a hamlet, of about 300 families, where the majority population comprises of the adivasis or tribals settled here since times immemorial. Still placidly content to carry on with their pastoral lifestyle with dhan cultivation as a priority in the face of scanty rains; the men folk are worried. So the vibrant lush forest holds no romanticism for them even as the verdant landscape, hued in all shades of green, leaves us completely awed.

What worries us actually is that there is no doctor in the village and the nearest PHC is about 5-6 kilometers at Deolapar – on foot!! So if you can’t make it to the main road from here you are stuck on your charpoy. What was heartening was the fact that a good enough Zilla Parishad school sits right at the entrance of the village. And this became the venue for the HERD Foundation free medical camp on a cloudy Saturday afternoon.

The quiet community was soon abuzz with activity as the bus with doctors, para-medics, nurses, social workers and attendants parked outside the school. One of the central rooms became the consulting room for the six doctors and an outside open area was taken up for the medicine dispensing spot. Registrations of patients were taken up methodically – 226 grown-ups and 40 children. Exactly 26 people were provided with referrals for further treatment in hospitals at Nagpur for their acute conditions like night blindness, surgery cases and more.

Aside from fever and body aches, other ailments included skin, eye, ears, lesions, joint aches, addictions and a few other serious conditions. All the kids lined up for the health camp were measured for height and weight and accorded the routine examinations. Health tonics and needed medicines were dispensed at the provisional counter. People kept coming quickly for the half day camp for which prior intimation had been given to them.

Dr Amol Deshmukh sees his vision – ‘Health for All’ succeed brilliantly through such medical camps even for remote villages like Dulara that are almost hidden inside the jungle – out of view. The success of his mission is evident that the team members conducted the entire proceedings in a very smooth and organized manner, in astoundingly muggy conditions dealing with the patients with care and compassion. The test of his leadership is apparent that everything happens precisely as it should, even if he is not there.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

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