Rural Sports Initiative – Connecting with the Real India

Let The Games Begin!

Cricket – A Perennial Favorite For Us All

It’s a first for us. But we had been contemplating since long to take on work for promoting sports in our rural areas. Aside from involving the youth we know for sure that sports can bring about a significant transformative effect on human minds and psyche. Did we not experience the world going viral at the recent FIFA World Cup Final?

Its true sports cut across culture, class, and regional factions and inspire us all. They also promote healthy living besides creating positive impact on mental health. We are now proceeding to make use of sporting events as a tool for development and demonstrate the effect that sport can have on the youth in particular.

By conducting sporting competitions and events it is our endeavor to provide a veritable platform and an activity for overall development in the rural areas. The competitions will pave the way for other development activities like education, health, skills training and more in time to come.  

We do believe that by doing this professionally and soliciting support of individuals, educational institutions and interested corporate houses we should be able to make this a sustainable model. The essence of our endeavor for encouraging rural sports is to empower the rural youth and thereby begin a process of allied empowerment. 

Our logo reflects the wings of aspiration and empowerment of the rural youth through sports. HERD Premier League or HPL as we call ourselves shall become a name to reckon with as we forge ahead to provide that opportunity and platform to our rural youth and search for rural talent for varied sporting events.

We strongly believe rural India has countless runners, volleyball players and cricket players. We may all have witnessed from inside moving trains village boys playing the game as we passed through rural parts of our country. Yes its games that inspire us all. Sports are one activity that has gained tremendous popularity all over. 

HERD Foundation attempts in a small way to demonstrate what sports can do for a community. It will be a novel starting point for us and one that might pave the way for offering a new dimension for our youth activities. Let the games begin!

  “The privileged should create a better world for the less privileged” — Azim Premji




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