Shanta Baghmare – An Unknown Entity


Old Age & Poverty

An Unknown Entity – One of Hundreds Languishing in Old Age

Sixty five year old Shanta Baghmare, (looks like seventy five) lives in Wadamba village. She lives a semi retired life as she cannot work the way she used to work earlier. Making the morning cup of tea is about all that she can barely do now. Life is a series of aches and pains for her frail, tired body, morning to night as she lies on her cot. The village life inside the jungle was all she ever knew or can remember for way back as she can go.

Now that she cannot continue with the ways of her world, going out as a daily wager, she rests at home all day long. It has been ten long years since she became a widow having lost her husband suddenly. Both her son and daughter in law go out as daily wagers to work in agri-fields as when others offer them the chance to earn their daily living. The son makes 100 rupees while the daughter-in-law gets a mere 60 rupees for her toils. Yes, inside the forest it’s another story for daily wagers.

Shanta pays little attention to her physical ailments. She just languishes in her mind and body getting no relief but having to endure her joint pains. It was when HERD Foundation was conducting door-to-door visits that she heard about a medical camp. The field worker from HERD Foundation walked up to her door to inform her about the doctors coming to their village. She had to be really persuaded to come over to the school premises where the camp was being held.

But come she did. Perhaps little happens in a remote old village like Wadamba. And the medical camp created quite a stir with its team of doctors attracting people of all ages to come share their woes. For Shanta, just talking to a real doctor about the pain in her knee joints and the pins and needles that afflicted her arms and legs was a relief in itself. Getting the medicines and being cajoled to take better care of herself, had her feeling better in ages. No it wasn’t a critical medical condition but old age in itself was a weary burden for her to bear.

Never have we felt as overwhelmed as when Shanta continued to bless us all for having conducted the camp in her village. It is such simple souls and their declining condition that keeps us focused on our task to continue working for the needy and the unfit. HERD Foundation – ever ready to go that extra mile to bring a smile on people’s faces you may never have heard about.


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