An Unostentatious Birthday – Doing What Needs Be Done

Notebooks for All

A Happy Day for Kids

Dr Amol R Deshmukh turns 37 years old on July 19, this year. Not wanting to celebrate his birthday in any kind of ostentatious manner, he was keen to lend a helping hand to people in the rural districts. The dry spell all through June had villagers worried about cultivation and much remains at stake for the small farmers located in the region. A bad monsoon spells bad economy for people tilling the land and the fallouts affects everything in the household expenditure.

Rising to the occasion for educational needs of school-going children whose new sessions have just re-started, it was a very thoughtful and caring gesture to provide good quality note-books to the children studying in Zilla Parishad and other schools. His birthday was therefore celebrated as the day to furnish the poor and needy children’s school bags with note books for school.

This is another example of Dr Amol Deshmukh’s noticeably individual style of reaching out to touch the lives of the underprivileged. The entire HERD Foundation team was busy on the ground distributing quality school note books in the villages of Parseoni, Ramtek and Mauda Talukas where the schools and the children welcomed the gift with open arms. The parents too felt satisfied by the thoughtful gesture.

Caring for children’s education is a long tradition in the Deshmukh family and this side of Dr Amol R Deshmukh’s personality to think out of the box reveals his highly empathetic interpretation of the needs of world in which we inhabit. Truly it turned out to be a birthday celebration like no other! They were extraordinary moments when team members went around distributing note-books to the kids with the headmasters and teachers pitching in. It reiterates our faith in supportive measures that go a long way to assist our rural brethren.


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