Addressing Dearth of Medical Aid in Rural Areas

The Rural Sick

Reaching Out To The Rural Patients At Their Doorstep

HERD Foundation is well aware of the urgent need for healthcare in rural districts outlying Nagpur, where the organization is based. Having conducted 30 odd medical aid camps all through summer and monsoons, we observed firsthand the huge challenges facing healthcare delivery in rural parts. The vastly spread population living in rural areas is in desperate need of facilities, especially taking into count the low level of health units in existence.

Healthcare we believe is the basic right of individuals that the system should provide to people. However with the existing quality of infrastructure along with lack of qualified medical staff, the rural poor continue to be deprived of availability of most rudimentary modern medical facilities. Majority of villagers in our country carry on with services of quacks or kitchen remedies. When diseases get out of hand they arrive to the closest city to get examined, but by then it may have been often too late.

This is the grim picture of the status of rural health all over the country largely. We feel the need for immediate vital steps to ensure quality healthcare outreach for Indian villages. Despite the slew of policies and programs by successive governments, little has changed the implementation modalities of rural health services. We still continue with age-old patterns of Primary health care centers (PHCs) that we all know have limited outreach and are quite ineffectual.

If statistics on maternity deaths and mother and child health alone are taken into count, we know full-well where we stand.  Nowhere else is the plight of rural healthcare scenario more palpable than when it comes to maternal health care, that is pathetically poor. Also the scourge of diseases like TB along with other vector and water borne diseases are very severe. And in the case of non-accessibility to public health care, the rural public turns to local private health sector as their remaining choice of care.

Statistics tell us that in our rural health landscape 92% of health care visits are to private providers of which 70 percent are based in urban settings. Thus we see that Nagpur is the medical destination of rural populations arriving from MP, Chhattisgarh and rural Maharashtra. But private health care is expensive that takes the rural poor back to square one when it comes to the poverty syndrome. HERD Foundation is therefore keen to control this dismal scene by providing adequate health facilities and focalized attention to health care in rural areas. We want to pitch in to improve health care through appropriate means, by playing a critical role in the vicinity itself.

HERD Foundation is open to the idea of working alongside like-minded organizations to alleviate the bleak condition of villagers. We are keen to leverage the healthcare industry by being part of quality care delivery and to bridge gaps in healthcare services. We hope to set up an outpost, if you may, to cater to the needs of patients and hopefully this could in time become an important hub, impacting lives of the rural sick. Our initiative can deliver solutions to cater to rural patients and act as a platform to be directly connected to them. Setting up a functional clinical intervention will also make it possible to educate communities in healthcare and sanitation needs.

Concern for Sick Tribals

Dr Suchika and  Dr Amol Deshmukh at Wadamba Medical Camp


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