Eyes – Windows to the Soul!

Eye Disease

Eye Disease

A survey done on 1272 persons on an urban Indian population of age groups from 5 upwards, from all socio economic groups showed that vision impairment existed in 67% . Strangely the subjects had no idea that they had vision impairment. These impairments were related to visual acuity, binocularity, stereo depth and colour perception, lateral and vertical phorias and peripheral vision deficiency found in glaucoma suspects. This survey done at the instance of India Sight Screeners’ Foundation was undertaken by Market Research Agency A C Nielsen, using the Titmus Comprehensive Vision Screener.

The human eye is a body part that needs serious care. If anything this survey appears to be a call for action.  The human eye has enough intricacies to necessitate specialized attention and care beyond what a general physician can do for you. You need specialists or eye care professionals to help you safeguard these important human organs. You may need both ophthalmologists who perform surgery, and you may need optometrists who prescribe lenses after checking the eyes acuity. There are many disorders and age-related changes that affect eyes and you do need professional help in such eventualities.

Visual Acuity

Visual Acuity

As the eyes age there are bound to occur certain changes due to the aging process. Most of such physiological changes follow as a matter of course when your body gradually declines. With aging the quality of vision worsens, as eyes too age. While there are very many significant changes due to old age, the most important change that affects functionality is the reduction in pupil size and the loss of accommodation or focusing capacity. The area of the pupil governs the amount of light that can reach the retina.

The degree to which the pupil can dilate is affected by increasing age. This leads to considerable lessening of the light required on the retina. One needs to therefore obtain detailed visual diagnostics from professionals who can help you to get corrective measures. With aging, a prominent white ring develops in the periphery of the cornea too. Aging also causes laxity, downward shift of eyelid tissues and atrophy of the orbital fat. These changes also contribute to the eyelid disorders leading to impaired vision.

With a string of eye care professionals – ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians – you can get help in the treatment and management of vision disorders. From reading charts to precise machines they can measure your vision to exact numbers. You may really be the fortunate few who may get such services, for the truth is that a vast majority of us living in rural India still lack basic eye care services. Go to any village and you will see the geriatric populations languishing in semi blindness. Life turns a nightmare for such people who cannot see or find their way about. Rural Indians suffer from such soul-less eyes and it is for them that concrete steps need to be taken to restore their vision and sense of self esteem.

Simple Procedures

Simple Procedures

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