A Wait and Watch Game

Wait and Watch Game

Wait and Watch Game

Even as the ongoing Sydney hostage situation is being confronted (more power to the authorities) one is concerned by the aggressiveness of tormentors who push their unrestrained designs on completely un-involved fellow beings. These aggressive personalities are of course very disturbed, and as research suggests are abnormal characters who could have suffered abusive relationships to make them what they are. This is what makes them to become such a threat to social order.

They may not necessarily be criminal personalities but definitely these sociopaths fail to distinguish the craziness of engaging in criminal behavior. Chosen very carefully and groomed for such roles there are defining characteristics that mark out these disordered characters. The aggressive personalities are individuals whose overall “style” of interacting involves maladaptive aggression which means they have not adjusted adequately or appropriately to the environment or situation in which they find themselves.

Most aggressive personalities possess characteristics common to narcissistic personalities. In fact one of the aggressive personality subtypes is aptly defined as them being narcissistic to the most pathological extreme. Add to this their penchant for aggression. Other common traits they suffer from are – seeking dominant positions, dislike of higher power or authority, and, ruthlessly self-advancing at others expense. Additionally they exploit and victimize others, have a complete disregard for truths and frighteningly they lack internal brakes.

These traits then justifiably sum up your common terrorist. The word terrorism derived from the French terrorisme referred specifically to state terrorism during the Reign of Terror as practiced by the French government from 1793–1794. The term originally comes from the Latin verb terreō meaning I frighten. Since then the term that initially instigated terror from the government, came to be looked upon as a means to kill innocent people for political or other purposes by creating a media spectacle. The world has seen many such spectacles that have filled hearts with fear, dread and apprehension.

Religious terrorism finds its roots in creed based beliefs in the hope to spread or enforce a viewpoint. The international community sees no legal binding to succumb to terrorism. However these violent acts do create panic and fear. Perpetrated by religious or political groups they resort to acts of unlawful violence.  Terrorism has been practiced by a broad array of political organizations to further their objectives. It has been practiced by right-wing and left-wing political parties, nationalist groups, religious groups and revolutionaries.

However no such act of terrorism can ever be justified. We have seen the Twin-Towers violation, continual Gaza massacres, Parliament Attack in India and many more such incidents. The current Sydney Hostage Crisis, just days before the Holiday Season, is really unfortunate. Trending horrifically on social media sites the world is agog to know how this tragedy will end.  ‘Proud’, Prime Minister Tony Abbott tweets: “It’s been a difficult day, which has tested us, but like Australians in all sorts of situations, we have risen to the challenge.” The rest of us can wait and watch, and pray for the unsuspecting souls who just wanted to enjoy their chocolate laced drink on a fine day.

Crackdown by Police

Crackdown by Police

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