The World Seems Too Much – Hope Anyways

Hope for All

Hope for All

December, so called as it derives its name from the Latin ‘decem’ or ten, was initially the tenth month of the Roman calendar that began in March. When the monthless periods became January – after Roman god Janus, and February – after old-Italian god Februus at the beginning of the calendar, December dispassionately retained its humdrum numerical association. But the season of chills and cold winds remains festive to spread good cheer and joy. It marks a short winter break adding hope to the holiday season for the New Year ahead.

As the year draws to a close many of us may go through feelings of retrospection and experience a sense of wonderment at the quick end to a year that appeared to have begun; but just yesterday! Time flies; there is no greater truism than that. The year-end calls for a rumination about things accomplished and things yet to be done. This weekend barely leaves 10-11 days for year 2014 to be over and out. Many of us may be left wistful, browsing the entirety of events gone by that may not have amounted to much.

Not really if we take account the recent world events that leave us completely horrified. Continual conflict simmers in eastern Ukraine. Inhuman ghastly ISIS beheadings. The hostage standoff in Sydney that put an end to three lives including the hostage-taker. The stabbing of eight children in Australia in Cairns, an outrage beyond comprehension. Worse of all the carnage of 145 school children and teachers in Peshawar, Pakistan casting a pall over combined senses. These kinds of crises are unbelievable acts in the midst of civilized societies.

It is time to rekindle humanitarianism and rework imaginations for peace-making efforts. One such endeavor is been the emerging US – Cuba relationship. It is a defining moment when talks of normalizing relations make this a great step that bodes well. Synced in time with the season of joy and compassion it offers hope and comfort. It is also heartening to note that Pakistan takes a stand against terrorism and prepares to tackle terrorists. The imagery of the breaking of the Berlin Wall comes to mind. Let us hope the world sees more order and restraint in the coming year. Hope is a good thing. Perhaps the best of things. Enjoy being hopeful as you contemplate on the Hope Quote shared below.

“Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success; for who so hopes strongly has within him the gift of miracles”.

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