Nagpur Winter Session

Nagpur Winter Session Venue

Nagpur Winter Session Venue

It’s that time of the year again. Nagpur Winter Session! Our city that has been abuzz with members of the Maharashtra Legislature camping in the winter capital of the state will soon fly out. Nagpur will be back to its original calm and quiet demeanor. We have seen hectic activity since the beginning of the month, along with change in traffic regulations and charged up policing efforts. The winter session of the Maharashtra Legislature includes both of its houses – Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha and Maharashtra Vidhan Parishad. This ritualistic tradition is a practice carried out in Nagpur in the winter season every year, Nagpur being the auxiliary capital of the state.

The winter session is held at Vidhan Bhavan, Nagpur, in the heart of the city close to zero-mile landmark. The Budget session of the Maharashtra legislature of course takes place at Mumbai, said to be the financial capital of India. What marks out the event, especially in the Civil Lines area of the city is the happy political blitzkrieg that affects the lives of residents. One can see some roads being closed and made off limits with traffic being disciplined elsewhere. The sight loved best is the Mumbaikars enjoying a bit of chill in the air that a spell of cold Nagpur provides in the season.

The hotelier community is perhaps the one sector that enjoys and makes the most of this occasion. Most visitors love to experiment the gourmet delights the city has to offer. They have a field day testing out the culinary offerings ranging from the local Saoji to the more exotic. This despite the official hospitality taking care of boarding and lodging. The food court of the MLA Hostel canteen that turns into a political adda becomes the spot for food and more droppings. With thousands of people converging to eat here the conversations flow! Along with the piping hot food. And real aficionados will not let slip by opportunities to the nearby foodie streets of the city.

It must have been good news when the Business Advisory Committee of Maharashtra legislature extended the ongoing winter session by one day. The announcement may have spelled different things for different people when December 24th was included in the session proceedings. For Vidarbha-ites the extended session would have perhaps been a sop for justice to Vidarbha and its people. For the traffic police another day of strict duty. For pedestrians and commuters another day of cordoned areas. And for the hoteliers perhaps more business. And for the political representatives another day for bonhomie without the political divides.

Police Personnel for Winter Session of State Assembly, Nagpur

Police Personnel for Winter Session of State Assembly, Nagpur

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