2017 – New Year – New Horizons


It is largely in rural areas that HERD Foundation offers charitable healthcare as the same is not available for underprivileged people living here. The fact remains that healthcare expenses being tremendous the poor carry on regardless of their unhealthy conditions. Since medical care expenses continue to be prohibitive often hospitalizations leave family’s completely destitute. Surgical interventions for deformities are thus ignored and allowed to persist.

HERD Foundation in alliance with Balmitra Foundation identified children in need of treatment for their physical ailments. Intent on providing affordable treatment to poor patients we teamed up to organize pre-operative pediatric screening camps. These children will receive surgical treatment from Pediatric Surgery Department of Lata Mangeshkar Hospital.

Core preparation work started with preoperative screenings and 400 pediatric patients got screened with 150 getting shortlisted for surgery to be undertaken by Lata Mangeshkar Hospital. These surgeries are scheduled from January 30 to February 4, 2017. The screening camps diagnosed diverse conditions for orthopedic, spinal, urological, ophthalmic and ENT complications. The screenings will be followed by blood donation drive to specifically benefit the identified patients.

It is clear that rural areas have sizeable numbers of children requiring surgical interventions. Aside from negligible existing surgical clinics the costs associated with surgical treatment are an inhibiting factor for poor, rural inhabitants.Since very little skilled private medical assistance is available in these areas the Foundation in conjunction with its affiliate Lata Mangeshkar Hospital is already running an outpost medical facility at Pauni village in Ramtek District.

Often wherewithal needed for such operations is beyond the reach of these people. As a result children end up suffering needlessly and remain emotionally scarred. Parents have little control on the situation and can only hope for philanthropy-based subsidized surgical treatment. HERD Foundation and Balmitra Foundation have undertaken Bal Shalyakriya Mission that rings in the New Year with hope and happiness for the families. 2017 starts on a sure footing and happy note!


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