Thus Far And More…


Dr Amol Deshmukh – Founder HERD Foundation

HERD Foundation began operations in 2006 as a registered non-governmental organization delivering medical care, educational awareness and rural development initiatives. Concurrently it has been undertaking innovative programmes that highlight women’s issues and humanism. The vision is to undertake short term and long term projects that help change societal perceptions for a more balanced public and civic life.

Never since the launch of HERD Foundation have we felt so comfortable than in our position this past year in delivering planned and unplanned programmes for outreach of causes that are dear to us. The Foundation continues working on issues we consider essential for reaching out with our planned objectives. The most important of these is to ensure medical care and health benefits to the poorest communities.

Herein three main areas of intervention that stand out are – regular medical camps, organizing basic life support skill-trainings and ensuring smooth run of the Pauni Tribal Clinic. These were instrumental in upholding the cause of healthcare delivery wherever needed. The committed group of team-members steps up compassionately to give more of themselves, their time – often beyond regular office hours, to continue to make the world a better place for the less fortunate.

With a common desire to invest in life-changing work HERD Foundation works with missionary zeal to reach out to people in the project areas. The organization continues with its tradition of being in the fore front with considered responses to emergent situations. As such we undertake diverse initiatives to undertake activities that range from joining in for the International March Against Monsanto, distribute woolens to the needy, undertake career counseling for students and oversee international pediatric surgery camp.

Aside from direct medical humanitarian aid we also act as change makers in these communities for awareness creation through empowerment efforts across the rural landscape. We address issues like unemployment, gender discrimination, quality education, as also initiating rural sports. We are particularly grateful for the leadership and contributions of Dr Amol Deshmukh in offering a tremendous legacy and a strong base to take the intentions of HERD Foundation forward.

Dr Suchika Gupta Deshmukh as the key figure, who builds upon the founding vision, is adept at translating dreams into reality and to this end guides the in-house team of talented and dedicated staff to deliver key result areas for the organization. HERD Foundation has over this period of time invested in areas that have greatly amplified the organization’s impact. We continue with well-founded plans to reach more people with each passing year.


Dr Suchika Gupta Deshmukh – Co-founder HERD Foundation

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