Patient Friendly HERD Pharmacy


The World Health Organization report stating that 30% of the fake medicines sold across the world came from India was a disconcerting fact for HERD Pharmacy Managing Director Dr Amol Deshmukh. This then became the starting point for HERD Pharmacy Medical Stores to come into existence. Looking into facts about the Indian pharma retail market it certainly turned out to be a decisive time to make changes for the better.

Dr Amol Deshmukh envisioned a company that would source all its medicines from reliable, big-name suppliers. Being aware of a gray market selling spurious drugs he was keen to start medical stores with optimal storage conditions that would ensure selling safe, authentic medicines. The intention was to establish a trusted brand name where customers could buy needed medications with every surety and confidence.

With this in mind HERD Pharmacy opened its first store in November 2015 at Gayatri Nagar in Nagpur. The team, keyed in to deliver optimal customer satisfaction, soon made it an exclusive medical store offering exceptional service for customer’s making sure their needs were met to their complete satisfaction. In no time HERD Pharmacy has become a household name in the area.

From here on setting up the next and then the next store after judicious exploratory probes had HERD Pharmacy establishing a string of stores in just about over a year.  It has been about two years now and HERD Pharmacy is well recognized as a medical chain store in Nagpur. Exceptional sales marketing strategies helped create its excellent customer base that keeps escalating due to provision of first-rate customer care norms. Stores now include aside from medicines general healthcare products.

HERD Pharmacy is affiliated to HERD Group of Companies which is a progressive business organization surging forward with one primary motive – unwavering pursuit of excellence. HERD Pharmacy is scaling projected targets and it is the ethos of team spirit that keeps it moving forward to attain its position in the pharmacy market of Nagpur. The plan is to keep scaling beyond present pharma trends and exceed consumer expectations.

Delivering a wide range of quality medicines and medical products, the mission now is to open all-night open outlets spread out in Nagpur city, followed by day outlets that will hopefully continue to serve patrons with loyalty and complete customer satisfaction.. The HERD Pharmacy chain of medical stores is geared up to take its success story forward. The way ahead for HERD Pharmacy medical stores has been through innovation, quality and impeccable service. HERD Pharmacy chain stores aim to remain unflinching in their pursuit of excellence by incorporating best practices and ensuring best quality deliverables at competitive prices, within suggested deadlines.

HERD Foundation

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