HERD TECSOL – Speeding Up the Information Highway


In today’s fast-moving digital world Information technology (IT) is the name of the game. HERD TecSol was founded basically to service the company’s own existing in-house businesses. With time the focus gradually also shifted to expanding IT business for the benefit of clients using IT technology in their enterprises. By enhancing the IT business HERD TecSol has begun to build up a singular database of select clients who are being offered specialized technical services.

Dr. Amol Deshmukh and Dr Suchika Gupta, founders of HERD TecSol manage the IT firm very closely through professionals in place. HERD TecSol is a young company that is already making an impression in the Vidarbha digital market. One can rest assured that a great customer experience awaits you. We combine the use of technology, creativity and analytical expertise to improve clients IT needs and services. Plus we ensure complete return on investment.

HERD TecSol has experienced IT professionals guiding the business to succeed. With a proven team having clear focus on execution and design, the experienced IT technology professionals offer their expertise for custom programming, design and optimization. Their goal is to always first understand the clients specific business needs before tailoring a high performance solution.

Quality assurance is an essential component of our IT services and delivery.  HERD TecSol has a carefully integrated quality-assurance system and quality-control team. Our comprehensive quality-assurance tools ensure that suspected errors are figured out and eliminated right at the start. In fact we make sure that every project has a well- structured plan that can be monitored and tracked throughout the development process.

To ensure that we provide the best services, we always strive to focus on customer requirements.  We use standard and structured techniques for design and analysis. You can be confident that the programming and architectures we develop for you will be a good foundation for your company’s future development.

HERD TecSol offers integrated solutions every step of the way. The team of young people is always dedicated to giving clients quick service. Serving a host of clients across Vidarbha, where we serve many big brands and upcoming enterprises as well, our strategies continue to generate better return on investment for them. We live by high end customization.

HERD TecSol is registered company and we have an agile team, doing great things! We bring design and development together to assist with the best IT solutions and then know how to test and optimize it all. Our IT skill sets make us a dependent IT company well known as reliable service providers of technology solutions and allied services.

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