And Miles To Go…


HERD Foundation began as a dream in the hearts and minds of a committed young couple who could visualize their common aspirations for the development of a more balanced public and civic life. Their objective remains in place to this day, to transform disadvantaged rural realities into the invigorating idealism of their imagination. The organization continues to pump hope, ambition and ability to circumvent circumstances in order to create a better world.

To this end, both Dr Amol Deshmukh and Dr Suchika Gupta proactively carry on their straightforward agenda to bring relief and succor to the underprivileged rural folk. What they have attempted to do is to keep on encouraging people to build up knowledge, learn to raise their voice on issues that affect them and make social, economical, and environmental equity work for them. This is how the Foundation has been operating from day one through their shared vision.

HERD Foundation’s underlying philosophy remains constant. Good health for all and knowledge for all. It is true, optimal physical health is the real wealth and knowledge through education is the only asset worth having. It is this understanding that is constantly being filtered to our disadvantaged sections. Knowing full well the unfortunate conditions of education, livelihoods and way of life, the Foundation has been motivating them for getting duly empowered.

HERD Foundation facilitates such empowering processes for communities. The leadership helps create hope and vision that imbibes values and inspires the community to achieve what they want. They are keenly nurtured to move ahead in desired directions for their economic and social development. The Foundation thereby empowers community groups to accomplish shared interests and goals.

They are encouraged to articulate their needs to understand what they really require in their lives and then to make moves accordingly. Communities are persuaded to remain in control of local knowledge, gather suitable external knowledge, and engage with suggested means and measures to claim solutions for existing lacunae. Another facet of the work is to focus on constraints in women’s participation. Believing that gender concerns are critical and these have to be supported for inclusive participation on all kinds of social issues, the Foundation works very closely with them. Youth are another segment that is brought into the fold of education, livelihood and participation in civic life.

HERD Foundation works with rural communities at grassroots and also addresses perceptions at urban levels to facilitate understanding of situations existing just outside suburban perimeters. We do this by involving and demonstrating to the wider public about the socio-economic factors that affect us all. We involve public and private agencies to help deliver education, public health, and occupational needs. We look ahead to projects and are all set to take in rural, urban, national, and international perspectives to create a better world around us.



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