Bidding A Star Performer Goodbye

_DSC1839It’s a sad moment in the history of an organization when a star performer bids adieu. Madhura Pawar joined HERD Foundation as a Project Manager in 2014. It only looks like yesterday when she walked into the office and soon became an integral part of the team. It’s going to be a tough job to not have her in our midst as she goes out into the world seeking new pastures.

We will certainly miss Madhura’s company in office. Her brusque exterior belied the bonhomie she maintained with one and all. Yes, she could be stern when it came to work but after hours could be a delight. And now HERD Foundation says goodbye to one of its most sincere employee. It was great working with a professional whose young age belied her acumen.

Madhura’s contributions to HERD Foundation have been numerous and while one appreciates her cooperation, hard work and dedication as an employee, it will be a task to find a suitable person to step into her shoes. As Project Manager over the past three years she took on multiple work-related tasks in the line of duty.

It was hard to miss Madhura’s earnestness of efforts in handling various assignments and seeing them accomplished to satisfaction. As member of the core team she helped achieve the goals of the Foundation. Many programs could be successfully concluded with her gracious support, hard work and dedication that she always put in all the work that came her way.

Her dedication and sincerity too helped her carry out her functions that kept moving things to reach their successful end. Add to this her sense of loyalty and team spirit. Yes we were truly fortunate to have had her on board. Her systemic record keeping and documentation will remain an asset for the company. Putting together data, accomplishing research work and making presentations with a degree of professionalism had her making valid points that always helped the agenda. Her inputs, always meaningful, helped in better strategizing.

And now as she leaves, we can but be aware of the value her dedication brought to the organization. All of us remain appreciative of her role and we join in to wish her the very best for her future endeavors. And we are confident that she will remain a trend setter wherever she goes. So as we say goodbye to someone who has been a real asset to the organization, we may not be able to forget her out-of-office-hours vivacious and spirited personality. All the very best Madhura for the future!


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