Basic Life Support Skills for All

Teaching of basic life support skills to aid critical victims to help them stay alive until expert medical assistance is at hand remains a mission for HERD Foundation. First responder care to victims of road accidents or heart attacks actually makes the difference between life and death. To accomplish this undertaking HERD Foundation is leaving no stone unturned to make essential first steps and procedures a matter of common knowledge for one and all.

Moving beyond the sphere of healthcare providers even non-medics have been given training to respond swiftly and spontaneously in emergency situations so that an affected person may be administered emergency care. The aim is to save countless people who otherwise die each year from blocked airways or heart attacks and who can be saved with due first aid. Nearly 150,000 fatalities occur on Indian roads alone each year. Victims may readily be safely taken to receive emergency medical care after critical basic first-aid.

Starting with the entire staff of the medical institutes with which we are associated, the BLSS training to become informed first-responders has taken on the non medical staff as well. Even ordinary citizens have been brought under the fold of the training programme that will hopefully be made more widespread. The attempt is to get people of all walks of life to respond to such critical situations without any reluctance. In fact they are being taught to extend a helping hand with awareness, understanding, comprehension and confidence.

The aim is to ensure that people do not die unnecessarily for lack of first-responder care. In many situations like for instance road accidents, drowning, suffocation or even heart attack certain procedural guidance may revive victims without adding any kind of trauma if they are in the hands of an informed person. The thing is that instead of doing nothing and just waiting for medical help to arrive you may lose the victim.

Our trainings have proved to be of use and majority of trainees who earlier did not feel confident about being able to save a life have learnt to respond with certainty and promptness. This has been very encouraging for HERD Foundation and been an inspiration to launch ongoing campaigns to get more people to learn these CPR and first aid skills. Outcomes tell us that whereas earlier people would do nothing if they saw somebody struggling, now they rise up to the occasion to respond prior to arrival of medics or offer care that will suffice until taken to the hospital.

We would also be shortly coming out with a manual that will act as a first aid guide. The manual is a road map that will instruct in life-threatening situations. This entire campaign is backed by HERD Foundation Managing Director Dr Suchika Gupta, for whom it is a heartfelt undertaking that needs to be taken up at the widest levels possible. Her passion and plea is that “Nobody should have to die for lack of a chance to survive. All victims must be offered basic support by an all knowing community that responds with due care so that nobody dies in vain”.

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