Road Rage or Road Condition – Safety First


Nagpur city located in the center of India is well connected via network of roadways moving in all directions augmenting its unique central position. However despite having some of the best city roads unfortunately we do suffer about ten percent of total road fatalities occurring in the country. Notwithstanding this fact, we do have laws in place that regulate traffic on roads, provided under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, an Act passed by the Parliament of India. Applicable to all of India, individual states too have norms and regulations in place.

It is a fact that lapses in traffic law regulations, violations and accidents are a glaring reality. It remains a matter of grave importance especially as we face such recurring instances of road accidents taking place right in the heart of Civil Lines area. The beautiful GPO square located close to the VIP MLA residential areas is a case in point. The crossroads around GPO square are inadvertently subject to the sounds of screeching tyres and collision noises informing people that an accident has occurred.

In this regard HERD Foundation wishes to draw attention of the public and to the concerned authorities that we must address the ever increasing number of road accidents occurring regularly at this juncture. In spite of the precautions taken by traffic authorities this area remains vulnerable and is notorious as an accident-hazard spot. We know full well that Nagpur Traffic Police is very active on social media sites and their WhatsApp helpline but still more needs to be done.

While their efforts are certainly laudable, we would like to draw attention of all concerned to road accidents happening at this spot. It is primarily rash driving and lack of civic responsibility on the part of car drivers. Often they tend to ignore the traffic signals installed her.  Also, the traffic signals follow a prescribed schedule and most accidents take place when the traffic signals are off. It is the pedestrians, scooterists and auto-rickshaws that largely become the target of big vehicles.

The number of such cases is high and we regularly see people suffering due to severe damage and losses on account of the accidents. It appears that on these particular stretches there are no road-bumpers to slow down traffic. We would like the authorities to ensure that road bumpers get built here and that safety norms are adhered to. Perhaps the elite commuters passing down these roads for some reason do not appear to be in need of road bumpers on this particular quadrangle. But it was time authorities took a serious view of the lapses on the roads around this square.

It would be a matter of much gratification if the media, concerned authorities and the public assist in publicizing this rightful concern. Traffic police too ought to take a stricter stance to ensure security of the people. It would be great if they would implement strong measures against erring drivers and ensure that the road works are duly taken up. The menace of vehicular traffic is very high on the victims and we need to curb such menace. Traffic police could analyze what exactly affects the situation here – whether it is road rage, under-age driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or plain VIP hot shots driving rashly.

Traffic police needs to encourage more sensible driving in this accident prone spot. They can enforce it with responsibility – legally, socially and morally. Omission of duty in this regard can bring victims down, leaving them battling for their lives or loss. Road safety therefor becomes a matter of prime importance. Since most incidents occur during times when traffic lights are off should there be more vigilance on this count. While there are no clear laws specifying road rage in India, it high time authorities define and enforce strict rules. Drunken driving is another important factor in causing accidents.

HERD Foundation would be very grateful if the Traffic Police will assist in publicizing this rightful concern so that the traffic police in the area can take care of the security of the people. It would be wonderful if they will implement strong measures against erring drivers and ensure that the road works are duly taken up.

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