Enthusiastic Response to Sports Grand Finale at Parseoni

Sports Event in Parseoni

Volleyball Finals

The steady downpour of early morning hours of the gray cloudy Sunday had our collective hearts sinking. However, soon the day opened up to stunning heavenly skies. The grand finale of the Parseoni Sports Day was a tremendous success. Breaking previous attendance records, the grounds of M G College, Parseoni were full of cheering young boys and girls experiencing the joy of sports that they discovered through HERD Premier League (HPL) in their town!

Clearly by the end of the day one could see that the majority of the crowd wanted such sports activities to happen again as they had really had such great fun! Actually the event was a great experience for both the competing teams as well as the spectators. The sports – Athletics, Volleyball and Kabbadi that had been taken up for the village youth over the last few months proved to be a great way to encourage the fun of sports in five rural circles chosen for involving the young sportsmen.

Thanks to Dr Amol Deshmukh, his team and the dedication exhibited by sports teachers who all made these activities possible. It was truly an incredible thing to offer to the youth by providing them the opportunity to enjoy the love of sports and games. The idea put forth by Dr Amol Deshmukh was very well organized and watching the atmosphere at the finale was a fantastic experience. Yes, the skies were asunder with cheering and more cries may well have been for such events to happen again.

It was actually a very positive experience for both participants and spectators who were around in hundreds. The sports meet saw participation of boys in large numbers from across the Taluka. The meet organized by HERD Foundation had competing teams playing against each other in Athletics, Volley Ball and Kabbadi finals. The charismatic presence of Dr Amol Deshmukh along with HERD Foundation team added to the fun of the event. The sports teachers had meticulously planned the schedule of activities, making an ordinary Sunday come alive as a heady away-day for all.

The winning teams and players of volleyball and kabbadi matches were given trophies and cash awards too.  Cricket kits were distributed to worthy players identified in advance. The sports teachers made it abundantly clear to the kids about the importance of team spirit in building their character. They encouraged the youth to actively participate in competitions and to follow inspiring sports personalities as their role models.

The valedictory prize distribution session presided over by Dr Amol Deshmukh along with local dignitaries of Parseoni had him complimenting the winners and hailing them as keen sport people. He stressed that equal importance should be given to both sports and academics for holistic development of the players. Sportsmanship he stressed helped in developing creative thinking and team spirit among them. The glorious day ended with HERD Foundation team enjoying playing cricket by themselves.

Parseoni Sports Day

Crowds of Spectators During the Awards Valedictory Function