HERD TECSOL – IT Arm of HERD Group of Companies

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HERD TECSOL is a private limited IT company attached to the HERD Group of companies. It came into existence in June 2016 that makes it a very young startup, just barely beginning to get noticed. Starting in a small way, it was self-financed and operated by founders Dr Amol Deshmukh and Dr Suchika Gupta. IT Manager Jigar Joshi runs the operations with help of a small team. As yet in its early stages the company is doing it all – developing, testing and marketing its IT services brand.

As we all know pretty well a startup company is an entrepreneurial venture that typically follows an emerging, fast-growing business aiming to connect with the marketplace. Improvising a viable business model around the idea, HERD TECSOL offers IT services through the platform offered by HERD Group of Companies. Small in size it is gradually working its way around to develop and validate its existence.

On a typical day we can see IT Manager Jigar Joshi responding to numerous in-house projects spread across the city as well as catering to out-station assignments every now and then. Just last week took him to Kurha and Titamba villages of Amravati district to install biometric machines in two remote schools located there. Fixing biometric machines, CCTV cameras, or computer peripherals as and where needed, he is also catering to installation of IT communication gadgets in sync with service providers.

It is ongoing research that opens up new markets. Aside from regular in-house jobs that come, HERD TECSOL watches out to offer services in under served areas. For doing this the manager has to stay alert around the local market to grab upcoming opportunities. With increasing number of web-based IT services the potential is definitely out there. Our best route as of now has been through the in-house niche that helps us to reach out to known institutions. We are now ready to offer IT services to the open market as well.

As HERD TECSOL prepares itself for offering needed IT services and skills, the team is advised to keep honing their talents to serve and ensure that they are at par with existing trends and requirements. Whenever feasible they attend seminars and conferences sponsored by IT sector to stay up to the mark in an industry that works on current knowledge. Credibility in the IT industry is critical and HERD TECSOL strives at being successful as a reliable IT company.

The founding directors of the company launched it with the knowledge that their networks and skilled operational team will help it get on its feet in the all-pervading robust IT environment. They were not wrong in their assumption. With a planned business approach in line with the HERD Group credentials it has been an experiential process thus far.  The team uses its work experience to identify customers, services, features and IT products that make it known as a hub for information technology. Satisfied customers will be our best bet to lay the foundation for HERD TECSOL.

As of now the prognosis looks good and we have secured good business even as we look beyond the potential of just profits. The small team wearing all kinds of professional hats is working hands-on with all kinds of tasks.  They have undertaken work for reputed companies and venture on in every direction to turn it into a profitable venture. They are confident to take on increasing targets for IT delivery services.

With customers in academia and education the going certainly looks good. Although the information technology industry can be highly competitive HERD Group of companies is confident it can establish HERD TECSOL on its own credentials with a stronger business plan and by offering innovative services. It is the drive and efficiency of the team that will pave the way to future success.

Nagpur – Center of Learning

Education widely accepted as important for attainment of developmental goals is really the fundamental right of all children whether they are in the city, suburbs or jungles. Nagpur city located in the geographical center of India continues to be a major education hub. College of Agriculture is the oldest college in the country that was founded in 1906 by the then ruling British Government. The historic and heritage Victoria Building in Maharaj Bagh houses this College that was built in 1856 for the stay of Queen Victoria of England at Nagpur!

Nagpur University, now known as Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University was founded in 1923 and is one of the oldest in India. Nagpur with both municipal schools and private schools has emerged as a hub for education in Central India. Nagpur Municipal Corporation runs over 500 schools all over the city. There are numerous private schools run by trusts or individuals. Vidya Shikshan Prasaran Mandal (VSPM) is an affiliate partner of HERD Foundation and it is registered educational body under the Societies Registration Act 1860.

VSPM as it is better known was set up as a trust in the year 1971. The vision was to create learning centers that will allow education for all and at the same time work to eradicate social disparities causing unrest in society. 51 separate educational institutes operate under VSPM that includes a Medical College, Dental College, Physiotherapy College, Nursing Institutes, Hospitals, Degree Colleges with Arts, Commerce, Science, Business Management, Education and the schools in both urban and rural areas.

The school system follows a 10+2+3/4 plan and students have the option to enroll in junior college after 10 years of schooling and then undertake degree courses for three or four years depending on their choice of field. Nagpur can verily be said to be the nucleus for education having countless schools, colleges and higher learning centers. In hindsight it appears that astute political will has seen the emergence of educational centers across the length and breadth of the city.

There is little doubt that Nagpur will continue to grow as a bigger educational hub. Not only in the State but across the country it will have its unparalleled presence drawing countless students from all over the land and outside. Even now students from surrounding districts and states arrive in city with the aim to pursue their education. It is also evident that all these institutions attract companies to Nagpur and create jobs in various disciplines.

Free Pediatric Surgeries for Underprivileged Kids


HERD Foundation

Dr Amol Deshmukh Addressing Audience on Bal Shalyakriya Mission 2017

HERD Foundation held an inaugural event on January 29, 2017 to start off a free pediatric surgery campaign by an empathetic medical team comprising of surgeons, technicians, and paramedics from US, Europe and New Zealand. These kindred spirits will perform intricate surgeries for the next ten days on children afflicted with deformities or diseases requiring corrective surgery. NKPSIMS and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital our affiliate concerns will provide wherewithal for the laudable mission.

As a non-profit organization HERD Foundation serves underprivileged children especially from rural areas, to give them opportunities to avail free surgical services in a compassionate and culturally sensitive manner. At the same time it becomes a wonderful opportunity for professional training, education and support to surgeons, nurses and caregivers in our own hospital.

Most of these children usually get no access to medical, leave alone surgical services. These surgeries include reconstructive surgery for all kinds of general pediatric surgery. The goal is to provide a location, resources and skills to allow these procedures to take place through the network of professionals and voluntary agencies. Of the 400 children registered for screening, 130 have been identified for the various surgeries.

As a humanitarian organization we are fortunate to have like minded organizations willing to support and provide free medical surgery. Their benevolence helps us to provide highly specialized surgical services performed by top-notch pediatric providers. HERD Foundations Bal Shalyakriya Mission was started in 2014 and this is the fourth consecutive year that we have organized such facilities.

It is truly a unique mission in which many organizations join in with a missionary zeal. Our success may be gauged not just in terms of numbers of deserving children who get help but also how local professional caregivers receive training to enhance their skills.

The successful run of the mission provides hope for identified children from Central India to undergo surgery. Bal Shalyakriya Mission is a joint collaboration with Peedh Parai International, Houston (USA), Persistent Systems, Nagpur, Bal Mitra Nagpur and GSB Sabha, Nagpur. NKPSIMS and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital as host organizations facilitate performing of these surgeries.

Identified children receive surgical treatments for conditions with which they continue to live unaware that they are surgically treatable. Patients suffering from congenital anomalies, Anorectal malformation, Hirschsprungs disease, vesicoureteral reflux, Spinal deformities, Thoracic and Lung congenital anomalies etc. get benefits for corrective pediatric surgery free of cost.

Dr Amol Deshmukh, MD HERD Foundation is delighted by the comprehensive and holistic outreach of medical services. It is exciting to be part of the mission on this important initiative that HERD Foundation has been part of every year. It is a privilege to handhold with the distinguished experts having diverse strengths and to collaborate on important advances in medical expertise.

HERD Foundation

Pediatric Surgery Mission Medical Team – Surgeons, Technicians, Paramedics from USA, Europe & NZ