The Future is Ours to See



HERD Foundation works for provision of counseling services and career guidance to young students. Acting as an information resource the organization offers guidance through a pool of in-house experts who provide much needed benefit to the groups of young people on the brink of their adult lives. They help them to understand issues related to career and employment. Such information sharing occurs for students between 16-18 years of ages, of class 10 and 12 and is free of cost.

Offering personalized attention, the aim is to ensure that young people who lack guidance on education and employment opportunities are assisted to get all available, up-to-date information on future prospects. Quite often rural students of smaller towns distance themselves from teachers and tutors when they go through a sense of uncertainty or inability to fathom the future. HERD Foundation creates a distinct opportunity for such students by getting them to attend these educational meets.

In August 2016 career counseling services were organized for school students so that they could be facilitated to gain information and possible directions to achieve desired results for their educational journey. Career Counseling programmes were held at Savner, Ramtek, and Kanhan for students of class 10, 11, and 12. On an average 7 to 8 schools from each town participated in the sessions. The motivational speakers included Dr Amol Deshmukh, Mr Milind Apte, Dr Kalpana Date, Dr Suresh Chari, and Mr Sanjay Jog.

HERD Foundation is well aware that the lack of information on job prospects raises the need for organizing such specialized counseling services. Offering suitable choice of career options these discourses helped eliminate misconceptions about occupations and get students to gain in-depth knowledge about various other career options that could be pursued. These services inform of employment options that range from government, public, to private institutions.

Such counseling sessions focus on advice on occupational training, career choices, actual job opportunities, career counseling, job search techniques, personal skills development, Importance of extracurricular activities, gaining part time work experience, professional choices, attending training programs, information about different careers, public jobs, professional qualifications, and importance of a curriculum vitae.

HERD Foundation offers these services through professional trainers who are in the business of human resource development. They usually prove more useful to reach the minds of young children who do appear all fired up after every session and seem to look into the future with a sense of confidence. These experts prove inspirational for the purpose as they offer techniques that help students choose the right professional goals. In the final count most students develop the knack to learn to apply their minds for making decisions through learning, self-awareness, application and their personal competence.