The Beat is On…

Maharashtra Police Recruitment 2017

Nagpur Police has advertised for vacancies for constable’s post for which the last date is March 17th. HERD Foundation is spreading the good word and informing suitable candidates to understand the job implications. A police constables job is pretty strenuous. They need to put in long, tough hours and their duties include being part of bandobast or special assignments. Aside from the hours they put in they also undertake sensitive and hazardous jobs. For in the final count a police constable is a law enforcement officer.

Law enforcement in India broadly follows the British model of policing. However in India there is a far more complex structure involved. Constables are appointed once they meet up with stipulated educational requirements and take an examination. They need to undergo both written and physical exam for selection. The written exam consists of 200 questions that tests general knowledge of candidates. The written test is simple and can be taken with due  preparation.

Once written exam is cleared, there is a physical test which requires the candidate to run for 1 mile (1.6 kms) in 6 minutes. For women it is 1 kms in 6 min. High Jump requirement of 4 foot and long jump of 12 foot. Some states require shot put throw up to 16 feet for men and up to 10 feet for women.

Constables work under the head constable who is a senior constable and one who leads the team of constables. A stipendiary cadet trainee constable falls in the age group of 18-22 years and both men and women can apply. After successful completion of training, constables may work in police stations also find placement as warders in prisons or correctional facilities.

The police constable or PC is the lowest police ranking official. Since general law and order in India is a state subject, each state government recruits police constables as per set directives. A police constable has no shoulder insignia while a Head Constable has one strip or one Chevron depending upon the state.

Since each state has its own police force, the uniforms and insignia of the police varies, though the rank structure is generally the same. All police constables wear khaki colored uniform which indicates that he/she is a police officer. Police constables have been seen in possession of guns but their ability to use them is known to be subjected to authorization passed by the chain of command in the police force.

The pay grade for police constable position is fairly good and comes with neat perks. Selected candidates can expect to reach to the level of police inspector by retirement. In general Indian police constables do not carry firearms when on regular duty, though they are always available at police stations. They are allotted batons, helmets and other anti-riot gear when needed. HERD Foundation hopes all qualifying aspirants will look up and explore this avenue. The beat is on!

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The Future is Ours to See



HERD Foundation works for provision of counseling services and career guidance to young students. Acting as an information resource the organization offers guidance through a pool of in-house experts who provide much needed benefit to the groups of young people on the brink of their adult lives. They help them to understand issues related to career and employment. Such information sharing occurs for students between 16-18 years of ages, of class 10 and 12 and is free of cost.

Offering personalized attention, the aim is to ensure that young people who lack guidance on education and employment opportunities are assisted to get all available, up-to-date information on future prospects. Quite often rural students of smaller towns distance themselves from teachers and tutors when they go through a sense of uncertainty or inability to fathom the future. HERD Foundation creates a distinct opportunity for such students by getting them to attend these educational meets.

In August 2016 career counseling services were organized for school students so that they could be facilitated to gain information and possible directions to achieve desired results for their educational journey. Career Counseling programmes were held at Savner, Ramtek, and Kanhan for students of class 10, 11, and 12. On an average 7 to 8 schools from each town participated in the sessions. The motivational speakers included Dr Amol Deshmukh, Mr Milind Apte, Dr Kalpana Date, Dr Suresh Chari, and Mr Sanjay Jog.

HERD Foundation is well aware that the lack of information on job prospects raises the need for organizing such specialized counseling services. Offering suitable choice of career options these discourses helped eliminate misconceptions about occupations and get students to gain in-depth knowledge about various other career options that could be pursued. These services inform of employment options that range from government, public, to private institutions.

Such counseling sessions focus on advice on occupational training, career choices, actual job opportunities, career counseling, job search techniques, personal skills development, Importance of extracurricular activities, gaining part time work experience, professional choices, attending training programs, information about different careers, public jobs, professional qualifications, and importance of a curriculum vitae.

HERD Foundation offers these services through professional trainers who are in the business of human resource development. They usually prove more useful to reach the minds of young children who do appear all fired up after every session and seem to look into the future with a sense of confidence. These experts prove inspirational for the purpose as they offer techniques that help students choose the right professional goals. In the final count most students develop the knack to learn to apply their minds for making decisions through learning, self-awareness, application and their personal competence.


Preparedness Training for Youth Employability – Celebrating World Population Day

Preparedness Training for Youth Employability – Celebrating World Population Day


YuvaConnect Training

Dr Amol Deshmukh Handing over Training Certificates

World Population Day is observed on July 11, around the world to create awareness about population growth and related issues. UNO has declared 2014 World Population Day theme as: Investing in Young People. It is a call for investments in support of the largest-ever generation of youth. As the world population edges on we stand at the threshold of 1.8 billion young people who are shaping social and economic realities, challenging norms and values, and building the foundation of the world’s future.

Youth has profound implications for development and all opportunities are to be given to them that have implications on sustainability, access to health services and youth empowerment. HERD Foundation has since inception continued to invest in youth. Our YuvaConnect initiative has been consistently involved with youth from rural areas who have been accorded membership to help them participate in various initiatives like Employable Education, Healthcare, Training and Development.

The Arvindbabu Employment Fair organized by HERD Foundation on January 18, 2014 had 10,297 youth from Nagpur City as also the adjoining rural areas of Parseoni, Saoner, Katol, Bhandara and more. This initiative was a runaway success that brought job opportunities to the door steps of the youth of Nagpur District. The employment fair received a whopping 15911 registrations from prospective job seekers. A total of 4700 vacancies were on offer by more than 40 ‘A’ listed companies. These companies offered placement to 1552 applicants on the spot with job-offer letters furnished there and then.

The fair catered to all types of jobs for undergraduates, graduates and post graduates. Also suitable positions were on offer for high school pass and college drop outs. Spelling out appropriate possibilities for employment options, the fair offered hope and optimism for job-seekers who moved about with smiles and anticipation for transforming their lives. Our entire focus after the job fair was on trainings for youth to prepare them for employability. YuvaConnect has been hand-holding the youth of our areas to invest in young people to take on future course of actions charted out in compliance with their interests and qualifications.

Yet too many young people continue to grapple with joblessness, inequality with their urban counterparts and lack skills for employability like presentation, interview preparation and so on. HERD Foundation reaches out to rural youth in a bid to prepare them better to improve upon their collective potential. This 2014 World Population Day we pledge our support for continued investments for the largest-ever generation of youth.

Employment Fair

JOB FAIR January 18, 2014