Stay Fit – Become A Weekend Warrior

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Stay Fit – Enjoy Exercising on Weekends

Today’s Times of India reports an alarming study conducted at University of California San Diego that summates – sitting down for long periods of time isn’t just bad for your metabolism, it can make you age quicker too. It is decidedly disturbing for men and women who spend long hours working on computers. The study suggests that sitting down for more than ten hours a day without regular exercise make cells age prematurely.

Dr Aladdin Shadyab, key researcher with Department of Family Medicine and Public Health states, “Our study found cells age faster with a sedentary lifestyle. Chronological age doesn’t always match biological age”. The women in the study were part of Women’s Health Initiative that was conducting an investigation to determine chronic diseases in postmenopausal women.

Since we all know how beneficial it is to exercise all efforts should be made to remain physically active as long as possible. But very often the daily grind of work-life and early commutes leave us bereft of time, opportunity and energy to do useful exercise for our own good. In which case the increasing trend of taking to exercising over the weekend is catching on.

But the question on every one’s mind is whether exercising over the weekend is just as effective as a little bit of exercise every day? While daily regular exercise does improve overall health, there is increasing belief that suggests even moderate hours spent exercising over weekends can help control body weight, lower cholesterol and maintain blood pressure. This is good news for fitness lovers who do not have time during the working week.

A research study on this subject compiled data from 1994 to 2008 to examine links between mortality rates and so-called weekend warrior exercise habits. It appears to suggest that those who undertook weekend exercising remain as healthy as regular daily exercisers. However these weekend warriors largely tend to be males.

Women are therefore urged to become weekend warriors as well. They may devise a weekend exerciser routine to provide them benefits of daily physical activity. It would reduce their risk of ageing and depleting metabolism. They should get into the weekend warrior mode to include physical activity patterns or at least planned sessions per week that include moderate and vigorous-intensity physical activity. It will help them ward off adverse effects of desk-bound lifestyles.

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