Free Pediatric Surgeries for Underprivileged Kids


HERD Foundation

Dr Amol Deshmukh Addressing Audience on Bal Shalyakriya Mission 2017

HERD Foundation held an inaugural event on January 29, 2017 to start off a free pediatric surgery campaign by an empathetic medical team comprising of surgeons, technicians, and paramedics from US, Europe and New Zealand. These kindred spirits will perform intricate surgeries for the next ten days on children afflicted with deformities or diseases requiring corrective surgery. NKPSIMS and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital our affiliate concerns will provide wherewithal for the laudable mission.

As a non-profit organization HERD Foundation serves underprivileged children especially from rural areas, to give them opportunities to avail free surgical services in a compassionate and culturally sensitive manner. At the same time it becomes a wonderful opportunity for professional training, education and support to surgeons, nurses and caregivers in our own hospital.

Most of these children usually get no access to medical, leave alone surgical services. These surgeries include reconstructive surgery for all kinds of general pediatric surgery. The goal is to provide a location, resources and skills to allow these procedures to take place through the network of professionals and voluntary agencies. Of the 400 children registered for screening, 130 have been identified for the various surgeries.

As a humanitarian organization we are fortunate to have like minded organizations willing to support and provide free medical surgery. Their benevolence helps us to provide highly specialized surgical services performed by top-notch pediatric providers. HERD Foundations Bal Shalyakriya Mission was started in 2014 and this is the fourth consecutive year that we have organized such facilities.

It is truly a unique mission in which many organizations join in with a missionary zeal. Our success may be gauged not just in terms of numbers of deserving children who get help but also how local professional caregivers receive training to enhance their skills.

The successful run of the mission provides hope for identified children from Central India to undergo surgery. Bal Shalyakriya Mission is a joint collaboration with Peedh Parai International, Houston (USA), Persistent Systems, Nagpur, Bal Mitra Nagpur and GSB Sabha, Nagpur. NKPSIMS and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital as host organizations facilitate performing of these surgeries.

Identified children receive surgical treatments for conditions with which they continue to live unaware that they are surgically treatable. Patients suffering from congenital anomalies, Anorectal malformation, Hirschsprungs disease, vesicoureteral reflux, Spinal deformities, Thoracic and Lung congenital anomalies etc. get benefits for corrective pediatric surgery free of cost.

Dr Amol Deshmukh, MD HERD Foundation is delighted by the comprehensive and holistic outreach of medical services. It is exciting to be part of the mission on this important initiative that HERD Foundation has been part of every year. It is a privilege to handhold with the distinguished experts having diverse strengths and to collaborate on important advances in medical expertise.

HERD Foundation

Pediatric Surgery Mission Medical Team – Surgeons, Technicians, Paramedics from USA, Europe & NZ