HERD Foundation Human Resources

This year began with a top-heavy note on completing formalities and compliances for Human Resources Management at Herd Foundation and HERD Group of Companies. HRM within the organization was all set to take the organization forward to the next level of ISO certification; it therefore became critical to follow all HR norms to the hilt. For the people working in various roles in different departments this transition became a rather fitful shift, even as they were ushered into the newfangled world of “human resources”.

Historically it was in the early 1900’s that the earliest notion of staff being looked upon as a kind of capital asset was developed. But now it is well understood that Human Resources are the people who make up the workforce of an organization, business sector, or economy. It is the human capital or manpower comprising of individual skills, talent, labour that makes the most essential component of an organization. It is therefore the HRM’s responsibility to ensure that they facilitate personnel in a manner that they take the organization to desired heights.

In this context the role of HRM becomes very important in keeping the personnel perpetually motivated. Human-resources department of the organization therefore takes up various aspects of employment to facilitate them to their optimal dénouement. Their job also includes looking after the legal aspects, compliance with labour law, employment standards, administration of employee benefits and other aspects of recruitment and dismissal.

Looking into the corporate environment that is being created, HERD Foundation is keen to inculcate proactive and self-motivated objectives for employees who even earlier had been customarily looked upon as assets to the various sections to which they had been aligned. And now with the HR Manual in place their value is enhanced by efforts for further learning and development that will add exponentially to the aims of our human resource development.

With regard to how staff members respond to changes induced by HRM, the HR department needs to be ever watchful in taking cognizance of staff responses. Human resources play an important role in developing and taking the organization to its penultimate success. And this is only possible by the labour offered by employees. It therefore becomes important for human resource management to solicit better employment relations within the workforce.

HERD Foundation is all set to bring on the best work ethic from its employees and therefore makes all such moves that make for a better working environment. Administration and operations are the two key roles played by the HR Department in line with the strategic planning that comes from the Managing Directors. HERD Foundation has now come to play a more outgoing role as a result of new subsidiary companies being formed that definitely need these HR regulations for achieving the goals and strategies.

The HR executive team works out the intended functions for the benefit of the employees and the evolution of the divisions that are moving on along planned lines. In time they would be taking care of various factors like organizational structure, growth, expansion and so on. But at its very core HERD Foundation HRM really encompasses the realm of finding and retaining talent for the organization. At the end of the first quarter of 2017, we will be seeing the launch of an HR newsletter very soon!