Time & Tide Wait for None


HERD Foundation knows full well that employee commitment is not a straight-line course that may be measured by behavioral metrics or wishy-washy motivation. Our HR Department in particular is open to creative inputs that are being factored in when designing focused employee commitment strategies. This is what is being espoused at HERD Foundation to lend a professional perspective on employee engagement practices.

For one, management is attempting to self-induce commitment towards given responsibilities by creating work related time-lines and schedules for all employees. We do not want this essential aspect to remain elusive anymore. With a number of projects lined up we cannot take the risk of businesses and human resources to be at tangent with each other. HR is now towing a highly measurable approach.

Sharing work related activities on an open platform certainly helps staff to be keyed in to their deliverables. To avoid any kind of employee engagement crisis HR is coming up with ways and means to keep work deliverables riveted through performance and results. So aside from punching in for punctuality employees now make use of computerized apps that keep them focused to schedules for optimal productivity.

Dr Amol Deshmukh walks the talk and cutting across verticals has got the entire personnel to become aligned in their responsibility for being accountable for the best interests of the company. Coming out of olden methods of fathoming staff dedication towards allotted work, smart work procedures are being adopted for daily engagement that measure output.

This is an essential step especially when we are trying to build up a great team for our startups. HR is now following every norm in the book right from hiring to filling in available positions to all other value additions that will serve the Foundation in its entrepreneurial ventures. As business leaders we are creating successful regulations to put strong teams in place. The HERD Group of Companies – Organic Farms, Pharmacy, IT TecSol, Transport and Logistics are all geared up to change the face of business in the near future.