Role of Training in an Organization


HERD Group of Companies has an energetic HR unit working proactively with both management and staff to bring on fruitful results for the smooth running and upward direction of its several businesses. Any HR Department worth its salt will vouch the importance of training in the success and development of an organization. Likewise our own HR group has been pushing ahead with staff engagement and training programs to inspire all workers at all levels.

Management and HR staff recognizes the fact that employees become more efficient and productive when they are well trained.  Our human resources are therefore offered training every step of the way since we do know how important the role of training is in the overall growth of the organization. It is for this reason that one of the key functions of HR is to continue with regular periodic trainings.

Our management unfailingly realizes the useful return on investment through training and other development activities that assist employees to remain supportive to business goals with an eye for optimal profitability. And so from day one, when we start providing orientation to our new employees, earmarked trainings become a significant step in building up a solid team aimed to become achievers.

HERD Group of Companies has been largely conducting in-house trainings and this has helped build a comfortable employer-employee relationship. We are also open to the idea of inviting training specialists who can be made responsible to coordinate motivational training that will help in employees’ in their transition to the next level. Such training specialists will hopefully conduct training for department heads and also at the supervisory levels for well-rounded orientation for growth and development.

Obviously such trainings occur after proper needs assessment in which again the HR managers cull out the training requirements in critical areas that need reckoning. Identifying employee skill sets and determining the kind of training they need is done to upgrade our workforce. Needs assessments are always critical to stay focused and facilitate appropriate training.  Herein the HR helps in identifying employees who have the aptitude for higher-level responsibilities. Such trainings then help prepare them to take on future leadership roles.

HERD Group of Companies is also keen in promoting the handling of the professional development of it staff. HR therefore also builds professional development activities based on staff abilities to create possibilities of smooth transition for employees keen on rising up within the organization. Our HR unit follows a set pattern for staff development and training is given on four basic grounds:

  1. New candidates who join us are given training so as to familiarize them with the organizational mission, vision, norms and working environment.
  2. Existing employees are given recurring trainings so that they may refresh and enhance their knowledge.
  3. For all update and amendments in technology, business sector and business environment trainings are given to cope up with those changes.
  4. Finally, when career growth becomes important then training is given so that employees are prepared to share the responsibilities of their higher level job.

In the recent past we have sensed certain benefits that such continuous trainings bring about. For one, it improves employee’s morale and self-esteem. This helps in employee contribution for organizational success since employees are in a state of motivation and less likely to be absent. Secondly well trained employees will be better acquainted with their tasks and perhaps will require little supervision. Thirdly, employees acquire skills and efficiency during training. They become more eligible for promotion. Eventually they become an asset for the organization.