HR Lessons – Welcome Change



At any point of time in an organization’s history there may be changes. Changes are bound to occur in an organization even if all is moving well and smooth.  Some changes are normal while some changes could appear to be tumultuous. Staff is often wary of changes and the fear is that any sort of change would be disruptive, not worthy of support and will certainly derail the regular momentum of progress.

HR Management therefore includes regular inputs on accepting change from time to time. Employees receiving change orientation would be more open to any kind of transformation processes that an organization may have to go through. It could be something as simplistic as shifting of the workplace or introduction of new norms in the office. It is actually human nature to resist any kind of modification in the regular framework.

Here is where the acumen of HR practice plays a vital role. Knowing full well that change is the only constant, management should include staff and take them into confidence in order to make it easier to accept change. This then makes it is possible to take the transformation processes forward in a positive way. Also, staff likewise turns out to be more flexible. Rather than desist or be fearful to accept new found ways of moving forward. So in order to stop them from raising their hackles, the need is to educate them in the art of welcoming change.

To accept change positively, personnel needs to keep an open mind and be flexible to structural adjustments. Herein they need to apply an open attitude to new learning. It is this ability to adapt to change that ought to be the focus of HR indoctrination. There are several HR trainings on change acceptance that work wonders on employee psyche. Because it is at times of change that many of us may think of going along with the known and familiar that appears secure and safe.

HR departments teach employees to understand that change in situations or outlooks may be viewed with poise and equanimity. It is at times of change that we learn of our ability to weather all kind of changes that may occur in the organization. Once on board staff learns to see the requirement for needed change and also becomes positive to new approaches. Only the unhappy, fearful staff members view change. Their complaining could really create negativity for the organization. We can do away with such naysayers.

The truth is that roles within the organization keep changing as do business strategies. It is therefore imperative at times to re-structure and re-configure certain aspects at the work place. HR heads then become liable to demonstrate to the employees why the change is needed and what would be the positive fall outs so that employees accept change in a more positive mode. Often this may be easier said than done. Although difficult it would certainly help to sift through the chaff.

It would do well also to look at aspects as to why employees resist changes at the workplace. Why is it so difficult for them to understand the benefits. The fact is they are habituated to routine and want to remain in their comfort zone. Also they may be having a practiced schedule on their functions and when change occurs they get uncomfortable or confused with procedures.

It’s a challenging time for HR for sure and they can really be such a support for management to assist them bring on needed changes. Communication herein is critical to make acceptance more positive. HR can really do well to include pre-change counseling sessions for more meaningful acceptance. This then is also a time to test the true colors of employees as to their attitude towards desirous changes. Employees who accept in a positive manner are the ones who are able to sustain themselves. So in short one must – Accept Change!