Health First – Caring for Rural Poor

HERD Foundation regularly organizes health camps in rural areas where it has been proactively working with tribal and rural populations. The objective is not simply providing health services but also creating locales where entire communities are sensitized to the dire importance of staying healthy. Camps draw out sick and infirm men, women, children and elderly in need of medical help. These camps have the benign presence of generous doctors who offer their services wholeheartedly.

The good doctors are instrumental in demonstrating to the associated medical team staffers how health issues may be dealt with rural communities in an empathetic and interactive manner. Camps are usually well attended as a result of pre-publicity that is done to mobilize patients, whose names, and follow-up details are duly registered. The camp activities usually also include sharing information about preventive measures and awareness on issues of health and hygiene.

As a well-known NGO in these parts run by Dr Amol Deshmukh, HERD Foundation recently organized two special, almost-free medical heath check-up camps for tribal people at Pauni in Ramtek Tehsil and for townspeople of Saoner. Held on January 10 and 12 respectively the camps had 180 patients at Pauni and 175 patients at Saoner to benefit from the care provided by the medical team. Each and every patient was given a personal health card; their details recorded and were offered counseling on the need to stay fit.

The health camps were for the benefit of rural and tribal populations living in Saoner town and Pench forest areas. They were intimated about the health camp through distribution of leaflets giving relevant information and by word of mouth publicity. The camps held from 10:00 AM until 02:00 PM extended well over the stipulated time as patients kept arriving steadily. A token fee of Rs 10 at Pauni and Rs 20 at Saoner was charged for offering a range of services.

As patients lined up before meeting the specialist doctors, they were taken care of by a medical team that recorded their history and basic profile – blood pressure, weight, physical examination by stethoscope and so on were all recorded in their health card file. Medicines were also prescribed and provided to patients who were diagnosed and were advised with due follow up to their ailments with HERD Foundation doctors visiting Pauni and Saoner.

The Pauni camp was monitored by Dr Amol Deshmukh and Dr Suchika Gupta Deshmukh – both co-founders of HERD Foundation. Dr Anuprita Bhadage and Dr Hemlata Kashyap, doctors devoted to Pauni Tribal clinic attended to the patients. In time Dr Suchika Gupta also undertook diagnosis and counseling for the benefit of the tribal patients. The range of afflictions included blood pressure, infections, skin disorders, diabetes, asthma, orthopedic injuries, abdominal pain, back pain and seasonal disorders.

The Saoner camp with a focus on orthopedics had the benefit of the presence of Dr Kuldeep Deshpande, orthopedic doctor from Sancheti Hospital, Pune who offered his services in the camp. Along with him Dr Sushma Gupta, Dr Kanchan as general physicians were examining and prescribing treatments to the patients. Dr Suchika Gupta present at the camp keenly observed the activities of the medical camp. Of the total number of 175 patients visiting the Saoner health camp 60% were for orthopedics, 25% for skin ailments and nearly 15% for general and pediatrics.

Dr Amol Deshmukh has been organizing these health camps under the auspices of “Doctor Aaple Daari” or “Doctor At Your Doorstep” consistently over the past three years, benefitting countless poor villagers in the region. HERD Foundation promotes such health camps with the aim to provide healthcare and awareness on fitness by rural populations. Follow ups are important to maintain quality of health camps and they also help to retain the faith of the people on the diligent treatments.

Stay Healthy – Keep Fit : Mantra of Wadi Medical Camp

HERD Foundation

Wadi Medical Health Camp

HERD Foundation

Registration of Patients

Approximately 15 kilometers away from HERD Foundation office at Civil Lines, the Foundation runs a medical clinic that sits opposite Wadi police station located at Wadi semi-rural community. It takes almost 35 minutes to travel to this suburban area situated on National Highway No 6 with Amravati Road leading out of Nagpur. It is an area full of godowns and warehouses with chock-a-block settlements coming up all around the central marketplace on the main road.

HERD Foundation Clinic located here was inaugurated just about a month back, on January 12, 2017 and is proving to be of great use to the people living here. The first health camp organized here today drew patients in a steady stream all day long. The purpose of the medical check-up camp was to publicize the availability of special health services at Wadi. Also arrival of doctors with a medical team offering affordable services went very well with the residents. The people were satisfied at the inexpensive charges.

Residents had earlier been made aware of the extra medical facilities that would be made available for this health camp. As such nearly 148 patients received consultations for their medical problems and were also evaluated for their health conditions. The team of doctors offered one-on-one private consultation, especially for the women, children and the aged. They were also instructed about the role of nutritional diet and preventive measures to ensure staying fit and healthy.

HERD Foundation provided certain additional medical facilities for residents who actually felt benefited by the doctors, physiotherapy experts and specialist doctors who had arrived. General check-ups included random blood sugar testing and blood pressure monitoring as part of the examination. Also they were allowed to get their Body Mass Index – BMI Tests & Bone Density Tests done. Physiotherapy check-ups included consultations and treatment recommendations.

The minimal fee for general check-up was for Rs 20.00 while physiotherapy check-ups and bone density tests were charged at Rs 50.00 each. The camp attended by 148 patients consisted largely of women and children. The 48 women and even some men who opted for bone density test were surprisingly all found to be calcium deficient. They were given free calcium medicines for a month long course. Random blood sugar tests were done on all adult patients and the 12 patients identified with excess sugar levels were referred for treatment. Seven patients were examined for severe physiotherapy conditions. General problems of patients included cases of fever, skin rashes and routine check-ups for children. Women received services from a gynecologist doctor. All in all a job well done!

HERD Foundation

Patiently Waiting Turns

Medical Camp at Hiwra Bazar – Happens Despite Heavy Rains

Sharing more Information

Dr Amol Deshmukh with the Patients at Hiwra Bazar

In the series of medical camps organized for rural citizens of neighboring districts, HERD Foundation conducted its free medical camp at Hiwra Bazar. Camp timings were 4 to 9 and despite the steady drizzle from morning people had arrived since two in the afternoon. At one point overcast clouds gave way to heavy rainfall looking like the camp would be cancelled. The arrangements outside were going haywire but Dr Amol R. Deshmukh gave the go ahead to move inside classrooms to keep the healthcare camp going.

This proved to be a good decision since people had assembled from nearby villages too –  from Salai, Pauni, Fulzhari and Khanora. The assembled crowd was perhaps an indicator that doctors remain in short supply at these locations and a medical facility is needed. These villages are all at a distance of 5-6 kms and people had actually walked over to be able to see a doctor. Also most of the visitors were old people that shows geriatric population responds to these medical camps with alacrity and a sense of conviction.

Check-ups continued well into the night. Dr Amol R. Deshmukh accompanied by his mother Smt Rupatai Deshmukh were present at the camp along with the entire team of doctors, para-medics and essential medicines to be dispensed. The medical camp was inaugurated by the hands of Smt. Nandatai Nanhe, Sarpanch of Hiwra Bazar. Other influential village people were also present to extend support for such a noble cause.

As expected over 2000 people were checked-in to be examined for the varied physical complaints. Aside from seasonal ailments some serious conditions were diagnosed that included cases of oral pre-cancerous, hernia hydrocele, learning disability, pediatric tuberculosis, infertility and spondolysis and low back pain.  A singular case of ectopic uterus (displaced womb) and a chronic suppurative osteo myelititis (inflammatory condition of bone) case along with severe pus formation was also detected and referred for further treatment. Incidentally the latter was being mistakenly treated for cancer locally.

In all nearly 80 severe and surgical cases were referred for further treatment. The patients were counseled and provided due information. Eight medical departments of NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital with teams of doctors, interns, nurses and attendants examined and treated the people. The medical team of Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Dental and ENT Departments attended to patients who had come from the surrounding areas too.

Dr Amol Deshmukh continues to play a key role and in contributing for the medical welfare of people through provision of needed medical treatment. He is a strong advocate for weaker sections to gain access to medical care, particularly those living in remote rural areas.

Free Medical Camp

People Lined Up all Through the Long Evening

Ramtek Meso Medical Healthcare Camp

Healing the Poor

Ramtek Medical Camp – Sunday July 13, 2014

Good mobilization is key to a good medical health camp and this is what HERD Foundation found out to its satisfaction yesterday, Sunday July 13, 2014 at the healthcare camp organized for residents of Ramtek. The field-work team, working in the background, made a success of the HERD Foundation implemented free medical camp, once again. This team actually works relentlessly to get the people to make full use of the opportunity being made available for them.

Shanti Mangal Karyalaya in Ramtek was the venue for the Meso Medical camp organized through Dr Amol Deshmukh’s good offices to provide healthcare benefits to the rural people of Ramtek town. The health camp started at 4:00 pm to continue beyond 10: 00 pm at night providing free medical checkups to nearly 2000 people who visited. Eight medical departments functioned inside the hall with respective teams responding to the large batches that kept coming all through the long Sunday evening.

The NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital had their team of doctors, interns, nurses and attendants in place to examine and treat people. Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Dental and ENT Departments attended to patients with care and compassion. Importantly this camp had a few extras – ECG testing, TB Chest examinations, Physiotherapy consultations, Blood Sugar testing and a blood donation drive. Free medicines were dispensed to people who needed them for their respective conditions.

An essential feature of the camp was an emphasis on proper hygiene and prevention measures especially in view of the monsoon season. Dr Amol Deshmukh was personally present to oversee the smooth operationalization of the medical camp. HERD Foundation’s chief social objective is medical relief for poor and needy. Dr Amol Deshmukh continues to play a key role in contributing for the medical welfare of people through provision of needed medical treatment. He is a strong advocate for weaker sections to be given access to medical care, particularly those living in remote rural areas.

Visitors at the camp were examined by physicians, specialists, dentists, and the team of paramedics to check for debilitating health conditions. Specialist doctors provided one-to-one consultations and provided guidance for referral cases.  Medical conditions relating to general discomfort, gynecological problems, joint pains, dental issues, eye problems, children’s ailments, malnutrition, back pain and so on were the common complaints.

Aside from the nearly 2000 OPD visitors, a 106 referral cases were recorded for further critical treatments. 74 patients were provided consultations for Physiotherapy. The random blood sugar Glucometer test was conducted for 54 patients, ECG for 16 patients and blood donation was done by 6 volunteers. All in all it was a Sunday well spent in service of the poor and sick for whom medical care facilities were provided at their door steps.

Nagardhan Village Medical Health Camp

HERD Foundation is organizing a Medical Health Camp at Village Nagardhan near Ramtek for the benefit of nearly 1500 to 2000 people living in and around the village. The Camp of June 23, 2014 will be working from 4 pm to 9 pm and will offer the usual team of medical practitioners to provide healthcare services to people suffering from physical ailments in the area. The team comprising of eight departments from NKPS Institute Medical Sciences will allow the rural populace to avail of all kinds of healthcare investigations, prescriptions and follow up through referrals.   

An important feature of our healthcare initiatives is that we organize these health camps especially in remote rural settings for people who do not have access to medical services. This is part of HERD Foundation’s commitment towards a healthy rural citizenry. We had recently organized one such camp at village Kachurvahi that had drawn a huge footfall in the region. This clearly showed us that the need for such health camps is genuinely required.

HERD Foundation is adept at setting the stage for delivery of health care in rural areas. We derive the complete cooperation of the villagers who duly assist us as best as they can in making the arrangements for such camps. On our part we provide a comprehensive health package to impart health education and sensitize communities on various preventive and promotive health care issues. These include quick tips on nutrition and hygiene.

Our medical camps witness the participation of huge numbers of people including women, children and the elderly. Besides seasonal ailments we cater to the conditions of chronic patients and other debilitating diseases. Specialists in the team integrate referrals as part of our healthcare programme. Regular health camps focus on eye care, dental care, worm infestation, skin infections and physiotherapy as well. HERD Foundation camps aim to create awareness, diagnosis and treatment of health conditions.