Monsoon Games


1200px-New_Mexico_Monsoon_2011Nagpur. Still humid, muggy and sultry. The rainy season was supposed to start already. But it’s been days now. And no rains! The hushed under song of the early dawn brings in cool breezy winds. You almost smell the moisture laden atmosphere and you are still waiting. And perhaps imagine the earthy scent that is produced when rains hit the parched dry soil. Your senses are yearning for the sweet, fresh, powerfully evocative smell of the first rains. Yet they tarry and linger and the clammy days move on from morning to night with nary a drop from the heavens!!

Each morning the weather projections get broadcast everywhere. Even Facebook informs – “It’s going to rain. Take care and stay dry!!” But the past three days since June 5 when the monsoons were predicted to start their annual deliverance, are going high and dry. Insat weather imagery is also going awry. The clouds keep getting all skewed and out of kilter. The high resolution Insat images too are unable to keep track of the wayward clouds. Yet, still we wait…

Nagpur has been gearing up for heavy rains as monsoons this year are expected to be really heavy. With the rains projected to hit soon the civic administration has been attending to issues related to water logging and need for maintaining hygiene, especially in vulnerable areas. The authorities are busy scrambling to complete the sludging and de-silting works of ditches, drains and nallahs. The experiences of last couple of years have not been good. Flooding of homes in low lying areas and swamping of roads and open spaces created severe problems.

As a prelude to the heavy downpours that are expected the city has been ascertaining that garbage disposal is efficaciously carried out. With new norms of garbage collection citizens are being roped in to become accountable for cleanliness around them. This is very important especially in view of ensuing health issues and epidemics like dengue and malaria that must be overcome. Thus while rains are a natural phenomena, flooding and epidemics are certainly preventable. This is why everybody needs to pitch in to make the season safe and healthy.

So even as we wait for the rain gods to bestow their bounty, it has certainly been beneficial to have had city precincts undergo deep-cleaning and sprucing-up to face up to the anticipated monsoon onslaught. In the meantime we stay pinned with our hopes on the prediction that the Monsoon 2017 will make its onset over North Maharashtra and that rains will increase gradually by June 10-12.

HERD Foundation wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable monsoon season. Here are a few tips to remember to stay healthy while weathering it out for the next few months:

  • Avoid street food.
  • Keep insect repellent handy.
  • Avoid walking about in the rain.
  • Keep umbrella, rain coat, and cap handy.
  • As far as possible eat hot food and drinks.
  • Children should not be allowed to play in the rain.
  • Dry feet immediately if they get wet.
  • Avoid colds and coughs by keeping your body dry.
  • Drink herbal teas often.

Ramtek Meso Medical Healthcare Camp

Healing the Poor

Ramtek Medical Camp – Sunday July 13, 2014

Good mobilization is key to a good medical health camp and this is what HERD Foundation found out to its satisfaction yesterday, Sunday July 13, 2014 at the healthcare camp organized for residents of Ramtek. The field-work team, working in the background, made a success of the HERD Foundation implemented free medical camp, once again. This team actually works relentlessly to get the people to make full use of the opportunity being made available for them.

Shanti Mangal Karyalaya in Ramtek was the venue for the Meso Medical camp organized through Dr Amol Deshmukh’s good offices to provide healthcare benefits to the rural people of Ramtek town. The health camp started at 4:00 pm to continue beyond 10: 00 pm at night providing free medical checkups to nearly 2000 people who visited. Eight medical departments functioned inside the hall with respective teams responding to the large batches that kept coming all through the long Sunday evening.

The NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital had their team of doctors, interns, nurses and attendants in place to examine and treat people. Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Dental and ENT Departments attended to patients with care and compassion. Importantly this camp had a few extras – ECG testing, TB Chest examinations, Physiotherapy consultations, Blood Sugar testing and a blood donation drive. Free medicines were dispensed to people who needed them for their respective conditions.

An essential feature of the camp was an emphasis on proper hygiene and prevention measures especially in view of the monsoon season. Dr Amol Deshmukh was personally present to oversee the smooth operationalization of the medical camp. HERD Foundation’s chief social objective is medical relief for poor and needy. Dr Amol Deshmukh continues to play a key role in contributing for the medical welfare of people through provision of needed medical treatment. He is a strong advocate for weaker sections to be given access to medical care, particularly those living in remote rural areas.

Visitors at the camp were examined by physicians, specialists, dentists, and the team of paramedics to check for debilitating health conditions. Specialist doctors provided one-to-one consultations and provided guidance for referral cases.  Medical conditions relating to general discomfort, gynecological problems, joint pains, dental issues, eye problems, children’s ailments, malnutrition, back pain and so on were the common complaints.

Aside from the nearly 2000 OPD visitors, a 106 referral cases were recorded for further critical treatments. 74 patients were provided consultations for Physiotherapy. The random blood sugar Glucometer test was conducted for 54 patients, ECG for 16 patients and blood donation was done by 6 volunteers. All in all it was a Sunday well spent in service of the poor and sick for whom medical care facilities were provided at their door steps.