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Approximately 15 kilometers away from HERD Foundation office at Civil Lines, the Foundation runs a medical clinic that sits opposite Wadi police station located at Wadi semi-rural community. It takes almost 35 minutes to travel to this suburban area situated on National Highway No 6 with Amravati Road leading out of Nagpur. It is an area full of godowns and warehouses with chock-a-block settlements coming up all around the central marketplace on the main road.

HERD Foundation Clinic located here was inaugurated just about a month back, on January 12, 2017 and is proving to be of great use to the people living here. The first health camp organized here today drew patients in a steady stream all day long. The purpose of the medical check-up camp was to publicize the availability of special health services at Wadi. Also arrival of doctors with a medical team offering affordable services went very well with the residents. The people were satisfied at the inexpensive charges.

Residents had earlier been made aware of the extra medical facilities that would be made available for this health camp. As such nearly 148 patients received consultations for their medical problems and were also evaluated for their health conditions. The team of doctors offered one-on-one private consultation, especially for the women, children and the aged. They were also instructed about the role of nutritional diet and preventive measures to ensure staying fit and healthy.

HERD Foundation provided certain additional medical facilities for residents who actually felt benefited by the doctors, physiotherapy experts and specialist doctors who had arrived. General check-ups included random blood sugar testing and blood pressure monitoring as part of the examination. Also they were allowed to get their Body Mass Index – BMI Tests & Bone Density Tests done. Physiotherapy check-ups included consultations and treatment recommendations.

The minimal fee for general check-up was for Rs 20.00 while physiotherapy check-ups and bone density tests were charged at Rs 50.00 each. The camp attended by 148 patients consisted largely of women and children. The 48 women and even some men who opted for bone density test were surprisingly all found to be calcium deficient. They were given free calcium medicines for a month long course. Random blood sugar tests were done on all adult patients and the 12 patients identified with excess sugar levels were referred for treatment. Seven patients were examined for severe physiotherapy conditions. General problems of patients included cases of fever, skin rashes and routine check-ups for children. Women received services from a gynecologist doctor. All in all a job well done!

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HERD Foundation – Rural Healers

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Mothers and Children Teeming at HERD Foundation Local Health Camp

The forest areas of Central India continue facing shortage of medical practitioners. Unable to reach a doctor in emergency, patients often end up with deficient care or worse get treated by quacks. HERD Foundation continues to play an important role as Rural Healers. The organization is doing all it can to contribute to a healthier tribal population.

The World Health Organization informs that India has only 1 doctor for every 1,700 citizens. The mandatory ratio specified by WHO is 1:1,000. HERD Foundation attempts to bridge this gap, more so in rural parts. The organization works through a multi-faceted approach in its efforts to deploy doctors and medical staff to the last mile. We keep doctors, paramedics, and support staff in a state of perpetual motivation so as to keep working for improving rural health.

Despite the momentum in health services medical care delivery remains a challenge, at best.
Even simple preventive medical treatments that we advocate in the course of these health camps, they fail to meet their mark and we end up seeing all kinds of ailments. We therefore carry on with provision of quality health care services at their doorsteps. Our attempt is also to continue promoting healthcare awareness for behavior-change among the underprivileged.

It is in these trying circumstances that HERD Foundation braves out in all seasons with its mobile health care services delivery system. We find it to be the most practical mechanism in the given situation. However we have also set up a small Tribal Clinic that works three days a week to address problems of accessibility and availability of primary health care. Since it became operational over the past two years it is readily acknowledged as a dependable facility.

We have so far provided healthcare services to countless poor people living in the jungles and interior villages. Health for underprivileged is an earmarked area of intervention for HERD Foundation. This has resulted in attending to the health needs of poor women, malnourished children and general disabilities of the aged and infirm.

HERD Foundation works to increase access to quality and affordable healthcare. Offering an integrated healthcare model we have been able to provide continuum of care to some of the most vulnerable sections of our society. Numerous health camps provide specialized care for TB, mother and child health as well as diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments, bone and joint disorders, ophthalmic conditions and so on. We address referral requirements through consultations for further treatment with affiliated hospitals.