HERD Organic Farms – Reaping Rich Rewards


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HERD Organic Farms is a safe haven in today’s over-processed world! Specializing in cultivating genuinely organic produce – vegetables, fruits and the queen of spices –turmeric, HERD Organic Farms is nurtured with the utmost care and concern by a handpicked team of experts for growing natural produce. HERD Organic Farms remain committed to healthy produce inside out!

The mission is to provide honest-to-goodness, natural produce for discerning patrons keen on authentic organic foods. Each and every product goes through painstaking care at every stage of its growth with the kind of nurturance reserved for quality produce. Pesticide free, GMO free and certified organic produce is now the hallmark of HERD Organic Farms produce.

Take for instance our turmeric powder that is processed into fine powder before filling up 100 grams and 500 grams bottles. The dry rhizomes of organic Waigaon turmeric are grown on 10 acres of farmland. Since turmeric is an important spice since times immemorial, it was one product that HERD Farms was keen on providing to organic lovers. Its inherent qualities make it one of the best spices in the world. HERD Organic Turmeric is really – ‘sone pe sohaga’ meaning ‘icing on the cake’!

And then HERD Organic Farms grows plentiful vegetables that are a real delight to behold! Fresh deep green capsicums, firm red tomatoes, yellow pumpkins, crispy okras, crunchy cucumbers and bitter gourd for the love of it! Or check out the fruits that grow in such profusion –   unique flavorful guavas, mellow sweet limes, delicious mangoes, fleshy custard apples and delightful Mandarin oranges.

Oranges as we all know are the signature fruit of the region. HERD Organic Farms have planted 10 acres of Mandarin Oranges. The lush green orange orchard bears small citrus trees that are being cultivated through organic farming. Our delicious and juicy oranges contain an impressive list of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and are truly delicious.

HERD Organic Farms produce is making waves in Nagpur. The produce carted directly from the farms lying 60 kms from the city bear the rural imprint in taste and flavor. We market it for our genuine clients keen on the finest organic products on the market. All products are vetted by the in-house team of professionals ensuring the best produce.

Our produce is genuinely organic from start to finish. This is because we believe in keeping chemicals off your plate. We are proud to provide you with alternative to regular conventionally grown foods. So dig in when you get HERD Organic Farm Produce. Eat it without any reservations. Know that no chemical has been sprayed at any stage of the produce and that you will never ingest pesticides or chemicals when you eat HERD Organic Farms produce. In fact you will receive more vitamins and minerals in the same volume of food!