Yale or No Yale – We Do Need Educated Politicians

We Do Need Educated Politicians

We Do Need Educated Politicians

The HRD minister may be very versatile and articulate, but a six-day Yale Leadership Program cannot ‘educate’ you. At best it will share information on how to be a proactive leader. God may have created the world in six days but no politician worth his salt may proclaim to be adept in statecraft in a matter of six days!!  Be that as it may, we do need educated politicians and there is no denying the fact that only handfuls are really educated.

The fact of the matter is that there should be a level of education for public servants and wannabe leaders. For a law minister to be able to take rightful decisions he or she must have the requisite in-depth knowledge to be able to understand the nuances and implications of what is constitutional and what is not. National level politicians must know world geography, some national and international history besides names of world leaders!

‘We don’t need no education’ – will not do anymore! The youth today look ahead and want good and educated people in politics to run the country better. Whatever may be the cause espoused by a party or politician he/she must at least have an academic background and the right bent of professional approach for whatever department they may head. Wouldn’t you feel better already if a doctor of medicine was the health minister?

An educated person can look at a certain issue from various perspectives. Politicians have control over large communities therefore they need some extra ordinary skills and the first thing which can make them distinguished are their qualifications. Education increases communication and speaking skills. A politician is a social member and his interactions with people are frequent. This is why proper education will play an important role in his bearing.

For long now have we have allowed some ministerial portfolios to run the traditional way. Neo literates have been following systems procedurally, without perfect knowledge of the purpose and origin of the office they head. It is essential that leaders at least understand their office and see how it fits into the larger scheme and flow of government as a whole. Certainly educated politicians will make things work more effectively.


Educated Politicians

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