The Rigors of Recruiting


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Recruiting the right person for an opening in the company is a tough job. You have to go through the entire tiered process because you just can’t afford to select the wrong candidate. Experience tells us that often after interviewing candidates whom we have hired, we come to realize they don’t fit in. This is when you start doubting the interviews and candidates!! And so now we make sure that we add all the recommended steps in our evaluation process to achieve the best outcome.

HERD Group is now all set to follow the challenging selection process that we have designed for our purposes. HR has set up an exacting process that will hopefully help eliminate uncommitted candidates. Therefore we start the hiring process with a test of commitment. Commitment is never a secondary option. It is either there or it is not. And it shows up eventually. Our recruitment process builds up the commitment building recruiting approach. Therefore we rigorously screen candidates prior to formal interviews. It is essential to weed out fibbers in the first round.

To enhance the selection process we give due attention and exert energies on the highest norms of recruitment. We spend good time on identified people so that they begin to understand our expected standards. And in this circumlocutory fashion we offer more of our time with candidates. We know that such rigorous selection processes will help us find suitably fitting employees. However, as to what degree the skills that have been adjudged may be put to good use for the ascribed role would be ascertained only later. Also it will take some time for candidates to fit into existing company culture and this too we may know only later.

However, it is safe to assume that most candidates who clear the interview rounds, allow us to form some distinct impression as to their suitability to don the desired role. It is only subsequently that we wonder how well and how soon would the candidates fine-tune into the cultural environment and work ethos of the company. No matter how rigorous may have been the interview process ultimately, it is only later that we would be able to sense the candidate’s consistency and objectivity.

Existing recruiting technologies make it easier to use innovative candidate screening and assessment processes. Also it is possible to tailor solutions to make decisions informed by experiences, particular needs, and organizational culture. HERD Group now makes use of these new standards for candidate screening and assessment. We hope to follow this rigorous and holistic approach to ensure that the hiring process is valid, consistent, and objective. And finally the most critical fact is that processes may bring out scales and numbers of high achievers but we will be guided by human decision-making to arrive at a consensus verdict in choosing the most suitable candidate.

For most top positions HERD Group’s HR department involves other sectional unit heads to offer their time and intervention in the selection of the most appropriate candidate. The final round of decisive talks and face-to-face interview is undertaken by the Managing Director. Thus the three guiding principles for HERD Group after the rigorous screening and assessment process remain validity, consistency and objectivity. This results in the applicant’s complete understanding to assimilate and provide solid indicators of potential performance. We try always to make this rigorous procedure as engaging and comprehensive for the candidates so that it becomes a learning experience for them too.

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