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A small but potent HR team within HERD Group keeps track of manpower needs and undertakes planning for the same. HERD Group follows established recruitment planning process by regularly estimating and projecting requirements of staffing needs for the different projects running presently. Some units, like for instance the pharmacy division, experience regular requirements for which an ongoing database is maintained.

Our manpower planning takes in factors like how and when we have to keep adding new employees, as and when required. The entire procedure is accomplished while keeping the vision, mission and goals of HERD Group in mind. We also bear in mind the future prospects of the particular business as well as by tracking industry trends. This helps in keeping systems in place and for us to be better prepared for future staffing needs.

Today, we stand at a point where we are definitely aiming for the top. In line with the projected targets for business prosperity we are keen to band together a strong team. It is for this purpose that we need to ensure that inbound incumbents be high achievers and disciplined. As much as their intelligence and skills, it would be their personality and attitude that would be helpful in moving forward successfully.

It is for this reason that the HR department is watchful about escalating experiences of newly inducted employees. HERD Group is moving ahead with confidence having adopted the best business practices. Recently every single staff member was apprised of the regulatory compliances to be followed in line with stipulated policies. Staff is also periodically provided with the motivational trainings by recognized motivational gurus. This helps instill a fervor in them to excel in their aspirations, at both the personal and work-life spheres.

In line with planned projections for spearheading the varied business dynamics, we know for sure that there will be increasing requirement of staff with focused skill-sets. HR department therefore regularly anticipates expected manpower needs for the company. Other than this they have devised processes for staff development in order to keep new as well as existing workforce in a stimulated state.

HR diligently examines the background, skill-set, qualification, attitude, aptitude etc., of existing and incoming work force so that they can take care of the pool of talent to nurture for the company. In line with the business needs of the units they understand the type of employees that would be best suited in the organization. Their competency has them examining and evaluating the types of employee workforce that they can build up.

Selection of candidates has them culling out and identifying appropriate shortlisted aspirants for required openings. Obviously they pick candidates who are better qualified, have needed skill-set, and experience to invite them for interviews. It is in the direct interactions that they usually assess suitability and long-term feasibility prospects. Once on board they are then trained as per organizational needs.

With such planned moves it is possible to groom work force to become prepared to adapt to the company culture and business practices. We follow an established system to induct employees and extend on-the-job-training that is an essential process.  Now that we are gradually growing, our workforce is also expanding likewise. With businesses at different locations and in different domains we cannot afford to be lax in our human resource management.

HERD Group welcomes the interested to join in for excellent career opportunities. It’s your personality that would play the most critical role. How you communicate with others, how well you handle interpersonal relationships in a team and social environment, and how emotionally intelligent are you, are factors to determine career growth. In fact, if one demonstrates excellent soft skills and get the quantum of tasks done to satisfaction – who knows you could be our operations head!


The Beat is On…

Maharashtra Police Recruitment 2017

Nagpur Police has advertised for vacancies for constable’s post for which the last date is March 17th. HERD Foundation is spreading the good word and informing suitable candidates to understand the job implications. A police constables job is pretty strenuous. They need to put in long, tough hours and their duties include being part of bandobast or special assignments. Aside from the hours they put in they also undertake sensitive and hazardous jobs. For in the final count a police constable is a law enforcement officer.

Law enforcement in India broadly follows the British model of policing. However in India there is a far more complex structure involved. Constables are appointed once they meet up with stipulated educational requirements and take an examination. They need to undergo both written and physical exam for selection. The written exam consists of 200 questions that tests general knowledge of candidates. The written test is simple and can be taken with due  preparation.

Once written exam is cleared, there is a physical test which requires the candidate to run for 1 mile (1.6 kms) in 6 minutes. For women it is 1 kms in 6 min. High Jump requirement of 4 foot and long jump of 12 foot. Some states require shot put throw up to 16 feet for men and up to 10 feet for women.

Constables work under the head constable who is a senior constable and one who leads the team of constables. A stipendiary cadet trainee constable falls in the age group of 18-22 years and both men and women can apply. After successful completion of training, constables may work in police stations also find placement as warders in prisons or correctional facilities.

The police constable or PC is the lowest police ranking official. Since general law and order in India is a state subject, each state government recruits police constables as per set directives. A police constable has no shoulder insignia while a Head Constable has one strip or one Chevron depending upon the state.

Since each state has its own police force, the uniforms and insignia of the police varies, though the rank structure is generally the same. All police constables wear khaki colored uniform which indicates that he/she is a police officer. Police constables have been seen in possession of guns but their ability to use them is known to be subjected to authorization passed by the chain of command in the police force.

The pay grade for police constable position is fairly good and comes with neat perks. Selected candidates can expect to reach to the level of police inspector by retirement. In general Indian police constables do not carry firearms when on regular duty, though they are always available at police stations. They are allotted batons, helmets and other anti-riot gear when needed. HERD Foundation hopes all qualifying aspirants will look up and explore this avenue. The beat is on!

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