HERD Foundation Observes World Environment Day


IMG_2096Never before than now, has the awareness and observance of World Environment Day been felt to be so very imperative. In the wake of the US rejection of the Paris Climate treaty it becomes all the more important to emphasize the negative effects of global warming. The World Environment Day is a day for everyone, everywhere. Citizens all over the world are organizing all kinds of events – clean-up drives, social plantation and action to combat global warming.

From its genesis in 1972 World Environment Day that is celebrated on June 5, has grown in size and volume to become the biggest annual event to inspire positive environmental change and call for action. ‘Connecting People to Nature’, the theme for World Environment Day 2017, implores us to get outdoors and into nature, to appreciate its beauty and its importance, and to take forward the call to protect the Earth that we share.

HERD Foundation observed World Environment Day to reinforce the fact that we have but one Earth which we need to protect and allow flourishing through corrective actions. For nearly half a century wayward industrialization and the modernization have ruined our natural resources. Each and every one of us has to do our bit to stop things sliding further down and getting out of hand.

To lay emphasis on our actions HERD Foundation planned the green theme for the day starting from wearing green colored clothes on this special day. We started off on a poster making competition that was organized and that had everyone putting down their version of the need to safeguard planet earth. The entrance wall to the office soon became bedecked in colorful posters drawing attention to the varied way in which each one interpreted call for action to work for protecting the Earth. After putting up the stunning display so enthusiastically, the entire staff was roped in to play the game of Web of Life. Farm manager Anil Khare coordinated the proceedings and facilitated the amazing connectedness and inter-dependency across nature, natural resources and the universe.

The summer interns who have joined HERD Foundation put up a spirited debate on the Paris Climate Treaty debacle by USA and it was engaging to hear out the pros and cons of Trumps withdrawal from the pact. Finally every one of the staff members publicly spelled out their commitment for the entire year as to the one positive action they would be undertaking to positively combat climate change and to remain connected with nature. The commitments have been recorded and displayed for reinforcement on daily basis. The first half of the day ended with a common luncheon party.

Year 2017 would be weaving in the Environment Day theme of going about being part of nature and to see how intimately we depend on it. The Environment Day observance undertook to challenge us all to find fun and excitement while working around the seriousness of the obligation. HERD Foundation remains committed to experience and cherish our vital connection and relationship with Mother Earth.