Truth About Cholesterol Medication

One keeps reading about the side effects of medications for high cholesterol and that it may not be good to take Statins that are meant to control cholesterol discrepancy. The fact is that any medication can and often does produce side effects. The truth is also that most people do not experience negative effects from taking medication for high cholesterol. But then there are those who do feel the side effects too.

There are a few of us who get worried upon experiencing side effects. Even if the side effects may be low. It always makes good sense to talk over the side effects with your doctor who prescribes the medication in the first place, based on the blood assessment of your cardiovascular condition. He alone is best qualified to evaluate outcomes of the medication. Perhaps he can help choose a medication that works better for you.

Since the effect of Statins on the human body is now being discussed on WhatsApp groups and non-medical open forums it is best to bust the myths surrounding this. It is true that Statins can control the problem, but are not a cure. You need to take it so your total cholesterol stays at a healthy level. It will probably go back up if you stop taking them, unless changes in your diet and exercise can keep it down.

The possibility is that you are on Statins if you have been asked to take pills for controlling cholesterol. It’s a regular treatment option but if it causes side effects you cannot withstand your doctor can prescribe other kinds of medications to help you. So while Statins can stop the liver from creating cholesterol, the other drugs may keep the body from absorbing it thereby raising the level of good HDL cholesterol, or assist the body in clearing bad LDL cholesterol.

Statins medications therefore assist in bringing down cholesterol. The medications work better if one eats plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and other heart-friendly food. For cholesterol to remain in good order you should also include a good regimen for exercise especially if you are overweight. Thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise is good enough and brisk walking for even five days a week is great!

Actually the heart needs to be in the best of conditions and this is possible if you can lower level of “bad” LDL in the blood. This is where Statins play a useful role in cutting the risk of heart attacks, strokes, or arterial problems. They are the only cholesterol drugs that do that. They are prescribed to people who could get heart disease even if their cholesterol levels are normal!

It is important to remember that pregnant women or lactating mothers should not be taking Statins. Since these drugs lower cholesterol levels, they can cause birth defects. The medicine also can pass through breast milk and harm your little one. People with certain liver diseases should also not be taking these medications.

And no, Statins do not cause memory problems. If anything at all in this direction they might actually prevent dementia and memory loss according to research studies. Some studies also suggest that grapefruit and pomegranates should be avoided as they may cause problems with some drugs. A doctor may best tell you to either limit their intake or completely stay away from them.

It is best to follow label directions when consuming cholesterol medications. Keep in mind to take medicines at the same time every day. Don’t stop or change without consulting your doctor. In case you forget a dose take it as soon as you remember. It’s okay if you have skipped a day but do not ever take two doses to make up for the missed dose.

Sometimes sore muscles result from taking Statins. Discuss any discomfort with your doctor who would know to either lower your medication dose or suggest you take it less often. He may also ask you to take coenzyme Q10 supplements with your medicine. Bear in mind that you do not have to wait for symptoms. In the final count get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked regularly.