Monster of One’s Own Making

Grief Stricken Families

Grief Stricken Families

It is certainly not the time to say – I told you so. But the ghastly tragedy of the merciless killings of school children in Pakistan resonates with Frankenstein-ian horror. The Taliban’s insurgency against Pakistan reverberates with the country’s earlier links to an agency that now works against reformist policies of a pro-democratic Pakistan. Since 2007 the Taliban has mindlessly killed thousands of innocent people.

Despite the Islamist forces to reckon with, the Pakistani people now want democracy. Instead what they are getting is violence in the name of religion. And some like the Taliban even want revenge. Pakistan (coerced by the US) expressed a desire to work towards joining mainstream democratic traditions. However the war from inherent Islamist forces – Taliban included, appears real and deadly.

The question of nurturance of functional polity becomes critical for the country. A lot of rethinking becomes crucial at this point. Pakistan needs to create its world  identity from within its own, to begin to positively influence its state of affairs. The hard-line Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) insidiously fights from within to topple the government hoping to set up a strict Islamic state.

Just some days back Malala Yousafzai, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize created waves by becoming the first Pakistani to be so recognized. In an interview she said that upon return to Pakistan in July 2015 she will build more schools. It was perhaps this statement that irked Tehrik-e-Taliban that threatened to attack all those celebrating Malala’s achievement. It is this very terror group that had shot and wounded her in 2012.

TTP has claimed responsibility for the attack on the school in Peshawar killing innocent children. The assault began with the militants entering the Army Public School  to stage the siege when about 1200 students and teachers were inside. Explosive devices had been planted in school buildings to foil rescue efforts. The attack had 122 people wounded, some critically, as militants entered classrooms to  shoot indiscriminately.

The carnage draws reactions from all over the world. Even as hysterical parents rushed to gather news they went distraught, weeping uncontrollably as they watched in horror the arrival of bodies of the slain victims. What a horrific commotion it must have been to see school uniforms drenched in blood.  It is a bloody carnage of the worst kinds. As world leaders offer support, ordinary people all over the world are flustered at the atrocity. In India schools observed a two-minute silence during morning prayer time to mourn the loss of young lives.

We make our own monsters, then fear them for what they show us about ourselves.” – Mike Carey

Silence -Remembrance at Prayer Time

School Children in India Offer Silence –      Remembrance at Prayer Time